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mamarosa's Avatar mamarosa 10:01 PM 04-23-2003
never mind.

leafylady's Avatar leafylady 08:11 PM 05-02-2003
Put away that toy before I start throwing these out!!!!!
threats? hahahahah Isn't that a stupid threat?
Now he starts telling me to go ahead and throw it away.

I think I understand why you said "never mind". I feel that way too most of the time with my 3 yr old.
RainCityMama's Avatar RainCityMama 05:25 PM 05-04-2003
You have total empathy from me, I completely understand
candiland's Avatar candiland 05:28 PM 05-04-2003
Yup. I have recently begun threatening "give me that {gum} {cookie} {breakable} {fill in the blank} or you are going to get a time out!"
So, my dear three year old plops herself down on the couch with the forbidden object and says, "Okay, mom. I'm in a time out now."
Honestly. What am I supposed to say to that?b