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My nearly-12 month old toddler has taken to biting me every chance he gets, not only while we're nursing but while we're playing, sleeping, whatever. Any time he can see my skin, he bites it. My mother says that it's because I'm pregnant and he can 'smell' the new baby. Maybe, maybe not. The point is, how can I get him to stop? "NO BITING" has been completely ineffective, as have distractions and asking him to please stop. I have no idea what to do, but my legs and arms are covered in little bite marks and I'm about fed up with it. Help please!

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lots of kids around his age go through a stage like this. it's natural and it will pass.
each time he bites say matter of factly "biting hurts people" then redirect and move on. in time he will get the message.
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I agree, my ds did this around that age. I had little bite marks on my shoulders for weeks! I always put him down and said, "We don't bite. Biting hurts mama." He got over it pretty quickly.
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I think it's also because they are teething usually around this time/age. It's not the same as when a child is 3, totally innocent at this age. Just annoying for mama!
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I'm going through the same thing right now. My son is 9 mos. so I don't know how much he understands. Every time I say "no biting" in a stern voice, he laughs/smiles at me and gets even more wound up. The other day I had to stick my finger (shaking finger) in his mouth to pry his teeth off of my nipple while he was grinning and giggling at me through his teeth!

I just don't know how to convey that I am serious and that it hurts me to a baby this age.

The nipple biting is rare, thankfully, but he has increased the frequency with which he bites me elsewhere (shoulder and arm are his favorites).
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my friend suggests this: always have on you -- in your pocket - something thing that the babe *can* bite (either an official teething toy or just some small bite-able thing). So whenever he bites you (or is about to, if you can anticipate it) immediately put the item right in front of his mouth and say, you can bite this, no biting mama.

it's interesting, evidently she read that anything that has an opposite (yes/no, up/down) can only be learned by experiencing the opposition between the 2 things. So no can only be learned through yes (and vice versa)

I see our babes are almost the same age! good luck, hope it gets better
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I like the other ladies suggestions.

I want to suggest two more possiblities. My dd was loosing part of her hearing when she started becoming a bitter. Through talking to other parents and reading it seems like these little behaviors can often be a first sign of something not quite right. It can be just fluid in the ears from a head cold or allergies. Hearing test should be done in a booth, most hearing test in ped's offices are not very accurate. A tympana gram (SP) at the ped's office will only show fluid on the ear not actual hearing loss.

Also, have her eyesight evaluated. There are basic test (which I don't remember right off the top of my head) that can evaluate eyesight difficulties.

She can be perfectly normal, but early detection of sight and hearing difficulties can make a world of difference.

With my first when he went through a biting phase I would just put him down and walk away. I had a lot less patience and the space help me keep my cool. Which was better than what I was told to do. Give him a good pop, UGH!!!!!!!!! Ouch, sit down, walk away, take a deep breath, and then I picked him up with love.

My second one only bit her brother, never me (thank goodness). Even though she was young I would put her in a safe place and tend to my son who was physically hurt (some times bleeding!). I did not focus on her bad behavior but on the hurt child. She quickly learned that she got no attention and separate while my son got extra attention. Again, I guess you could say it was the same pattern. Ouch, sit down, walked away from, then picked up with love. (Could your reaction be why he is biting you so?) I do remember I never separated myself, dd, and ds for long just long enough to take care of the ouch. I know the few times my ds was bleeding it was longer than I liked but you have to take care of bleeding child first.

My third, this has not been a problem (Woo HOO!!!!!!).

Oh, with both of my children I learned to watch their behaviors leading up to biting to see what I could do to prevent it. I would give them the words they needed or cut them off before they bit.

Here is a good link on nursing and biting that might help you.
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My eighteen month old suddenly bit me on the hip the other day and I screamed out loud because I was so surprised - and in pain - ouch! He burst into tears. I felt so bad! He used to bite me a lo,tpeaking when he was about 14 months and it has been tapering off since then. He rarely bites me now.

mom to Dez (04/94) and Harry (04/02)

Rainbow.gif ~ Molly
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