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Ummy's Avatar Ummy 01:21 AM 09-30-2008
I have a 5 year old dd, 2 year old ds, and a 5 month old ds. My 2 year old has had serious issues ever since the baby has been born. He was always good but when the baby came into the picture his yelling, tantruming, hitting, just got out of line. Like today I told him to pick up his toys and he kept screaming and crying so I could read him a book. I told him I am not going to read unless he picks up the toys...and he just carried on like that for a good 5 minutes. In the mornings when we homeschool the 5 year old, he will try everything to come and disturb, or yell or scream to get attention. I don't know what to do anymore. I think he feels left out but what can we do to help him. Also the 5 year old doesn't seem to take me too seriously when I tell her not to hit her brother or fight over things..but when dad comes into the picture she really listens.

Is there any good strategies or techniques that I can use to help the situation. My 2 year and 5 year old gets time outs but they still continue doing what they are not supposed to do. My 2 year old also constantly has to come and hurt the baby..

What are some good books to read to help these type of situations?


traceface's Avatar traceface 01:24 AM 09-30-2008
It sounds like the 2 yr old just really needs time with you, like cuddling up and reading together (like he was tantruming about)

sorry my advice is not very practical ... but Maybe it's a start, at least - slow down, stay in, focus on him as much as you can, even just 10 min here and there throughout the day. And then re-evaluate.