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niki_73's Avatar niki_73 01:58 PM 06-15-2006
Are your pregnancies different depending on the sex or is each pregnancy just different? With DS I was very sick, tired, loved red meat but looked great. This time I feel great, am not that tired, can't stand the sight of meat and look like crap.

Please share your experience with your pregnancy and what the sex of the child was.

storychick's Avatar storychick 02:08 PM 06-15-2006
I've just gotten sicker and more tired with each pregnancy. With my DS (#1) I was hardly sick, and felt pretty good the whole time. With DD (#2) I was much more sick and tired but felt great once it passed. This time I was tired before I even peed on the stick, and have been unrelentingly nauseated and exhausted the whole time so far.

I attributed being more sick to my DD being a DD, but I wonder if it was more nursing through pregnancy and just being #2. Amongst my friends everyone has said its gotten worse with each one. I'm glad this is definitely it for me, I dont think I could do this again.
ibusymomto5's Avatar ibusymomto5 03:19 PM 06-15-2006
I was sickest my 1st two pregnancies, both girls. My 3rd(girl) I had almost no m/s and felt fabulous all the way through. My 4th(boy), 5th(girl) & 6th(girl) were pretty similar... m/s early on but no throwing up, then felt good the rest of the way. The fatigue has definitely gotten more intense with each successive pregnancy after #4 or so. Some of that is probably age I would guess.
mrsuribe's Avatar mrsuribe 04:02 PM 06-15-2006
With my two boys, both pregnancies were completely different. With Matthew I gained 40 pounds (: ), exhausted, had minor pre term labor, a long labor and emergency c section.

With Justin, it was a breeze. I gained about 20 pounds, morning sickness was pretty bad though, had tons of energy (even with running after a 1 year old), and labor was quick and easy (VBAC).

This pregnancy is kicking me in the butt. I'm about 7 weeks and I'm totally exhausted. I have horrible morning and afternoon sickness, I'm breaking out all over my back, and I just don't want to move. Thankfully with my two boys at home I don't just get to lay around. I'm also a little older w/this pregnancy (34) so I'm sure that has alot to do with it. So it looks like this will be a lazy summer.