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angel0123's Avatar angel0123 02:19 PM 06-16-2006
My u/s was nice and short about 5 min.... I am thrilled to report that I have a live baby with a heartbeat of 175. The baby kind of looks like a baby.... heart beating away. They couldn't see a reason for spotting and cramping.... I am so relieved and so HAPPY!!!
Oh ya the baby measures a few days ahead but they will keep my edd... not surprised since I know when I concieved!

leximom's Avatar leximom 02:37 PM 06-16-2006
pbreffe's Avatar pbreffe 03:09 PM 06-16-2006
ryleigh'smama's Avatar ryleigh'smama 03:22 PM 06-16-2006
Yay!!! So happy for you!
swtpesq's Avatar swtpesq 03:53 PM 06-16-2006
I am SO happy & relieved for you!!!
Zaxmama's Avatar Zaxmama 04:23 PM 06-16-2006
Good for you Mama.. glad everything is good!!
gribbit's Avatar gribbit 04:51 PM 06-16-2006

JesiLynne's Avatar JesiLynne 04:56 PM 06-16-2006
So happy for you
mommy2boys's Avatar mommy2boys 05:16 PM 06-16-2006
Very good news, I'm so happy for you
PortraitPixie's Avatar PortraitPixie 05:51 PM 06-16-2006

tempestjewel's Avatar tempestjewel 06:23 PM 06-16-2006
mama! Congrats!
seeking sisters's Avatar seeking sisters 08:18 PM 06-16-2006
Awesome. So happy for you. A little reassurance can get your mind back on focusing on the positive.
elsa1975's Avatar elsa1975 09:09 AM 06-17-2006
So happy for you, congratulations.
*~Danielle~*'s Avatar *~Danielle~* 09:33 AM 06-17-2006
: : :

Thanks be to God!!!!!!!!!!
meggles's Avatar meggles 02:48 PM 06-17-2006
Great news! Now you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy.