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OldFashionedGirl's Avatar OldFashionedGirl 04:40 PM 06-19-2006
...bought some maternity pants. They're a smidgeon too big, but it's SO nice not to b sucked into everything now. Last night, I was unbuttoning my reg. jeans several times because they were causing me pain.

My only issue is that these pants say they're meant to be "low rise/no panel/below belly." If I put these below my belly the crotch hangs almost to my knees! Guess I'll be ignoring that suggestion!

pbreffe's Avatar pbreffe 04:48 PM 06-19-2006
Oh man I hate maternity pants that are meant to ride below your belly when you are still small!

I have a pair of shorts like that and I keep thinking how well they would fit if
I were 7 or 8 months pregnant!!
OldFashionedGirl's Avatar OldFashionedGirl 04:54 PM 06-19-2006
So there is hope? I mean, the crotch won't always be at my knees? I guess I'm just visually these things riding around my hips, and my hips aren't going to change position in relation to where my belly is, are they?
X <-Head
X <-Belly
X <-Hips

My belly and hips will get bigger, but they'll still be in the same places, right? Or am I picturing this all wrong?