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OldFashionedGirl's Avatar OldFashionedGirl 08:03 PM 11-16-2006
I work...well, worked, in a small gas station in a small town (pop. 700). I have worked there for about 3 years and thru as many owners. There were a total of 4 emp. (incl. me); I worked two nights a week. Tonight, I go into work, and my boss (who just took over in May) says, "Amanda, before you go back there...things have really slowed down this time of year and I won't be needing you anymore. I'll be covering your shifts."

Totally out of the blue. Esp. considering that he's had a help wanted sign up for the last two months. Esp. since one of the other emps. has her boyfriend up there with her on a nightly basis. He's never spoke w/ me about anything I was doing wrong, etc...

I said, cheerfully no less, "Oh; okay. Here's the keys. See ya around!" I was fine (in shock, I suppose), until about 5 blks away and then I turned into a blubbering mess.

All I can think now is, "Wow. It really takes balls to fire a pregnant chick a month before Christams."

And the fact that no employer is going to overly eager to hire someone who is very visably pregnant and will need time off in two months.

I do have another job (I bartend three nights a week), but frankly, I needed both.

I'm not sure whether to scream or cry.


Merry Christmas : :

blissfish's Avatar blissfish 08:13 PM 11-16-2006

Oh, Amanda! Oh, jeez jeez jeez! That's so frustrating! Do you qualify for any unemployment benefits?

What unmitigated GALL to fire his pregnant employee! OHMYGAWDDDDD!!!!!!
OldFashionedGirl's Avatar OldFashionedGirl 08:22 PM 11-16-2006
I'm not sure if I qualify for unemployment or not, but Mom told me I should apply for it. Can't do any harm.
swtpesq's Avatar swtpesq 08:30 PM 11-16-2006
I'm so sorry, Amanda.

One word: lawsuit. Seriously.
PortraitPixie's Avatar PortraitPixie 09:22 PM 11-16-2006
Originally Posted by swtpesq View Post
I'm so sorry, Amanda.

One word: lawsuit. Seriously.
Ummm, exactly. : You poor thing!

I know how it feels to be laid off right before hte holidays...

SOmething will come up!!
Ahappymel's Avatar Ahappymel 09:38 PM 11-16-2006
Originally Posted by swtpesq View Post
I'm so sorry, Amanda.

One word: lawsuit. Seriously.
You know, she's got something here...
The whole "Help Wanted" sign in the window is highly suspicious....if it's so slow, why is he hiring more help?
BrooklynDoula's Avatar BrooklynDoula 09:42 PM 11-16-2006
Not from your DDC but pg and mad for you all the same! If nothing else, you should threaten him with a lawsuit - presenting to him the facts (your long record of working there, his help wanted sign, the illegality of firing a pg woman, etc.) and explain to him that you want your job back (same times, same pay, etc) or you will pursue a lawsuit against him. What a jerk.
blastomom's Avatar blastomom 09:53 PM 11-16-2006
What? No notice? No severance? No nothing? Give me a break! If you can, get up the courage to calmly let him know that it feels like a really cheap shot to fire the pg girl right before the holidays, especially since you have been such a loyal employee, and at the very least he should be offering you two weeks pay since you are being let go without cause.
bleumoose's Avatar bleumoose 10:43 PM 11-16-2006
WOW that really sucks Amanda. Can you get unemployment benefits? I agree with the others, it is awfully suspicious that he let you go but has a help wanted sign up. Could you go back and talk to him about the reasons he let you go?

Good luck, I hope you can find another job - going into christmas hopefully there are some places around you that would be wanting seasonal help.
Shenandoah's Avatar Shenandoah 11:26 PM 11-16-2006
I'm not in favor of legal action in general, but this really does seem like blatant discrimination. Do/did you get any kind of benefits with this job? Maternity leave, etc.
MacKinnon's Avatar MacKinnon 01:32 AM 11-17-2006
Oh, that really sucks! Sorry
velveeta's Avatar velveeta 11:17 AM 11-17-2006
Oh, I am so sorry to hear this! That guy is absolutely unbelievable! You're right -- I simply can't imagine what kind of person fires a pregnant lady right before Christmas.

I have been laid off myself and besides the $$, it really just hurts your feelings. I remember when I was fired, I first told my boyfriend (now my DH), who worked there, too. He got so upset! And he didn't even believe it at first. It was just awful.

I wish I knew more about unemployment. My DH is self-employed, so he's the only employee, and *he* has to pay unemployment to the state for himself. We live in NC, but it would be worth investigating, wherever you are. I would think that most employers would be required to contribute to that. It was also that way in Texas, where we used to live.

I will be thinking of you -- I am really mad! You didn't deserve that. I am hoping that this will open the door for something better.