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So- For those of you expecting big babies (DD was 8lb15oz) how much newborn stuff are you getting? I have 2 AIO's, 10 size zero Kissaluvs and 18 infant prefolds. I think that is enough.... I only have one cover though and I am trying to decide how many covers/wraps I need in newborn. I was thinking another 5 for a total of 6 but think I might need more. I know I'll get alot of poopy leaks, but I also know we won't be in newborn sizes for more than a few weeks! I have 6 small covers and some of those might fit right away... FWIW-- we are doing mostly one-size diapers, so I don't have any small fitteds, just the covers.

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We used "small" in Bummis SWW, but I dont even remember now if they come in nb. We just use the infant prefolds, snappi, and the Bummis, and it worked well from the beginning with both my 8 lb-ers previously.
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I had a dozen kissaluvs, a dozen small pockets, 4-5 wraps and two doz. prefolds. It was plenty - but we only had 1 leak and that was b/c of Daddy user error - not the diaper.
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My daughter weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces when she was born, and we diapered her in 24 infant prefolds. We had 6 newborn covers, which she used for 6 weeks until she weighed about 11 pounds, at which point we switched to small covers. We also had 3 small Fuzzi Bunz, which we used primarily for outings.

I think the small covers would have worked from the beginning, but I'm glad we had the newborn covers -- she seemed overwhelmed enough in those as it was, despite being a fairly large newborn.

This time I'll have 18 preemie prefolds, 36 infant prefolds, 6 newborn covers, 6 small covers, 3 small Fuzzi Bunz, and one small AIO. I got the preemie prefolds used sort of on a whim -- I thought they might be nice during the first couple of weeks.

One of the things I've been enjoying about doing this for the second time is that I've already got so much diapering stuff, I can focus on filling in the gaps and getting a couple of "extras" without feeling like I'm breaking the bank.

Sonja , 40, married to DH (42) since 5-29-93, DD born 11-3-2004, DS born 1-18-2007.
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I have:

24 newborn unbleached prefolds
24 infant unbleached prefolds
17 Kissaluv 0's
1 other nb fitted
1 other small fitted
10 small contours
5 small Happy Heiny's pockets
1 xs Fuzzi Bunz
1 small Fuzzi Bunz
2 xs AIOs
2 small AIOs
a bunch of hemp fleece inserts, doublers, micro-terry inserts, fleece liners

10 nb PUL covers
6 small PUL covers
1 small fleece cover
2 small wool covers
2 nb soakers
2 small soakers
1 small longies

A bunch of wipes, snappis, and dritz pins

I hope this will last awhile!

Happily parenting our snuggly wild child since 2007 and her little brother since 2011!

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DS was 9#4 and gained a pound a week for the first 8 weeks, so we only spent a heartbeat and a half in newborn/small sizes. Your stash sounds about like what I have for that size range. Haven't gotten it back from my sister yet so I can't say for sure

I don't think you'll need much more than that, unless of course this baby is smaller or grows more slowly. If you were to add anything I'd say get another half dozen prefolds - cheap and easy to use as stuffers or extra bulk in the larger sizes so they won't go to waste.

as for covers, maybe you could buy some gerber plastic pants in newborn size (I know I dislike them too, but they're cheap...) and invest in a nicer collection of small covers? Then if baby is smaller, you could backtrack and get a few nicer NB size ones..

Allison.... mom of DS1 (7) and DS2 (4) and awaiting #3 near the end of April 2011
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DS was 8lbs 14oz and grew like a weed. He was out of his small FBs at about 2 months. I have all of his old dipes so I'll just be using those--I was a MOE consultant so I have a ton of Fuzzi Bunz (about 18 of each size). A friend just gave me a bunch of newborn covers so I hoped on the prefold co-op to check out that option since all I used with ds were FBs. I also have a few kissaluvs lying around.
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I just want to say, that I love cloth for my baby's bum!!!!

I've got 24 small fitteds that I made (probably be too big at first, but we'll make do)
17 infant prefolds
6 flats
several gerber dipes I used for burp cloths last time, but will be fine for a newborn
5 small prorap covers
1 small motherease airflow cover
1 newborn bummis
a couple snappis and diaper pins

I may get some tiny gerber plastic pants for the first couple weeks. To be honest, you don't have to use a cover constantly at home those first few weeks. You change baby so often and they don't do soaker pee, so it isn't really an issue.

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Wow. You guys are putting me to shame! My son was 7 lbs 3 oz at birth, and he could fit into his fitted "small" diapers by about 3 weeks, so I don't actually have *any* newborn fitteds. I am just going to use snappied infant prefolds (Indian, which are actually a little larger - yikes!), with knitted wool soakers over them. I have already made one pair of longies (picky pants pattern), and I plan to make two more and a regular soaker before Baby arrives. Right now, I am working on a soft cardigan.

To be honest, I didn't even use *any* covers with DS until he was about 3 or 4 months old. He slept on a lambskin in our bed, and those are waterproof. But, at that age, babies just pee small amounts at a time, so there was never a puddle or anything.

Also, we were ECing much of the time, although not as much at night. And we probably won't really do it at night this time, either since it will probably be pretty cold outside of the covers!

I am looking forward most to using the longies -- they are so soft! If you will indulge me, I will post a picture when I upload it to the computer. I really can't even believe that I could make them -- I am really a novice. Even you are even *considering* remotely that you might try knitting a soaker or longies, I encourage you to go for it! I am so happy that I did, and it really boosted my confidence.

Jean, happy HS mom to Peter (5), Daniel (9) and Lucie (2) and also someone new... baby.gif
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I've been going over (more like obsessing ) my newborn/small stash these last few days trying to figure out what else I'll need. DS was 8lbs, 1 oz. so he wasn't a terribly big baby. We didn't CD him until 4 months though, so this diapering a newborn thing is new to me.

Right now I have:

24 infant CPF's
7 newborn fitteds (misc. WAHM types)
1 small fitted
1 small bG! AIO
17 small Fuzzi Bunz w/ equal amount of inserts
2 newborn BSWW
2 small BSWW
2 small fleece covers

I'm thinking I'll get 5 more newborn fitteds, 2 more newborn covers, and maybe a few more small fitteds and a couple more small covers.

Taylor, committed to my Soldier. Lovin' my boys. Gabriel ('05) , Xavier ('07) and Mason ('09). Proud HBAC mama x 2.
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My son was 7lbs 7oz at birth...we used kissaluvs sz 0's for at least two, maybe three months, and I just loved them. He was really long and lean though. I found with my bummis covers, the nb were too small, right from the beginning (at least for the kissaluvs - they worked with prefolds, but I tended to reach for the fitteds way more often.) But the sz smalls worked for us the whole time he used the kissalvus, so that's our plan this time around. When it was time to move to sz 1 kissaluvs, they no longer seemed to be able to keep up with his pee output, so we went to small fbs. I still have the fbs, though I am much more of a fitted/wool fiend now. I have amassed quite a few small wool covers, and a number of OS fitteds (SOS and Mutts, mainly), so I am going to see how those work for us once he's out of his sz 0 kissluvs!
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I'm trying to keep things simple for this one and not let the hyena bug bite me again.
I'm not sure how big this baby will be I had one bigger one and one smaller one so I am preparing for that.

I have

3 dzn newborn prefolds
2.5 dzn infant prefolds
18 small fuzzi bunz
2 knitted covers
2 knitted longies
8 newborn green earth covers

I still need some size small covers probably will go with bummies there, but other than that we are good.
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I just washed up my newly aquired prefolds today! We started cd'ing DD when she was over a year, and although she was very petite (she wore small covers in the very beginning of it) having a newborn stash is new for me.

I'll have

1 doz preemie prefolds
3 doz infant prefolds
6 Kissaluvs size 0 fitteds
6 Kissaluvs size 1 fitteds
1 small no-name fitted
8 nb covers (PUL and nylon pull-ons)
10 size small covers (PUL, nylon pull-ons, one fleece)
2 newborn wool wraps (knitted by me)
2 small wool wraps (also my invention)
1 pair newborn/small longies (again when I had a knitting bug)

Plus flushable liners for meconium, flannel doublers, and self cut-out fleece liners.

I want to knit more wool covers, but I'm still finishing X-Mas and Birthday gifts for December and January

They are all just so cute I can't wait to use them :

Naomi, mama to Faith (12/03) and Hannah (12/06) and Kai, a homebirth.jpg waterbirth.jpg on 5/15/10
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DD was 9.7, and I made the mistake with her of getting 99% newborn size which totally left me scrambling to come home, resell the newborn, buy small etc...

This time around I"ve got it all figured out The only newborn size dipe DD fit in at all (and only for like...2 weeks LOL) was a prorap AIO. *we only use aios/pockets, i'm too lazy to mess with fitteds.covers.etc*

so this time, i have lots of newborn size aio-figuring if i happen to somehow have a tiny baby, they will fit in the newborn prorap aios til i can buy more newborn size, or just wear those til they get to smalls-and if i have a big babe again, they too can get some use out of the newborn size aio...also have lots of small prorap aios, xs and small vb aios/pockets, small hb aios...and random wahm dipes too!

JEN, Hoopdancin' mama to Mairi Elizabeth 12/04, Catriana Quinn stillborn 41w 1/07 and our rainbow Elijah Asher 3/09, wife to Keith for 9 years.
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