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Grayson's Mom's Avatar Grayson's Mom 12:30 AM 11-23-2006
Is anyone else measuring small? I just had an appointment today. I am 32 1/2 weeks and am measuring at 29 weeks. That is nearly a month off. Plus I didn't gain any weight since my last appointment, two weeks ago. This is freaking me out! My midwife scheduled an ultrasound to check to make sure the baby is developing properly. But it isn't until December 4! Ahhh. I can't wait that long. I keep having awful feelings that something is going to go wrong this time. (It is my second pregnancy.)

Anyone know of any reasons why a woman would be measuring smaller than usual? I was huge with my daughter. (YEAH, gained like 45 lbs with her.) This time I have only gained like 16 lbs. (Which is fine with me as long as the baby is healthy.) With the first baby it is so easy to pretend that everything is going to be fine. Ahh, Blissfull ignorance. NOW I know what I have to lose...

Oh yeah, AND my midwife forgot to give me the RhoGam Shot!! I am O Neg. I was supposed to have the shot at 26-28 weeks... I finally got it today when I reminded them that I needed it. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but I was not happy when I realized last night that they forgot the shot.

5thAttempt's Avatar 5thAttempt 12:54 AM 11-23-2006
Not from you ddc: I am 35.5 weeks and measuring aound 33-34, depending on the baby's positioning. When I was 24w I measured 20. So I am mesuring with tape consistantly smaller that I should. Look at you past measurements and see if there is a growth. Also, u/s will get you reassurance. My u/s at 26 w showed the average size baby.
annekevdbroek's Avatar annekevdbroek 01:07 AM 11-23-2006
I measure small - my baby is breech and occasionally transverse. I really don't think the measurements are particularly acccurate. Aren't they just an average of some sort?
kat85's Avatar kat85 01:42 AM 11-23-2006
I am rather small too and this in my 2nd time around. My u/s point he normal and weighs about 3.1oz at 30 weeks, but I been trying to figure which dates do they follow for you due date. Like some pictures or frames so 30, 31, and 32 and they lady said nope you are 30 weeks.
Paige, CPM's Avatar Paige, CPM 02:34 AM 11-23-2006
I am measuring small too, and it can be very normal and quite common. In early pregnancy I was measuring large. Babies are all different and have different rates of growth. In fact, I am pretty sure next appt I will have caught up because I feel like I have less room to hunch over and breathe these past couple of days. I too have only gained 8lbs so far, but that is because I was overweight to start with and eat better now.

I would never worry about a client unless their fluid felt off and the baby did not feel like it grew or measured like the babe was growing over a period of 2-3 appointments...then I would go for an u/s. And by feel I mean when palpating a baby, which should be done at each appointment. Also, you can be measuring low or high for dates but as long as there is growth that is fine too. For example, 30 weeks measuring 27 then at the 32 week apt measuring 29...etc...

Once when I was a student we had a woman come in for an initial appointment who did not really have a good idea of her dates. She measured something like 32 weeks to me and my supervising midwife...she was also quite thin and hid the baby well... Anyway, we consulted her for an u/s to get an idea of her dates but she returned in heavy labor a couple of days later, before she had gotten the u/s. You can imagine we were quite distressed that she would give birth before the ambulance could get her to the hospital and we would have a preemie resus to deal with. But the ambulance came and took off with her and a student. The student came back a couple of hours later to tell us that she had the baby before they could even make it up to L&D and it was a 7 pounder! That really taught me a lesson about how valuable measurements can be and that the most important thing is consistency in growth over a period of time, not the actual one time measurement itself ...because, like someone else said, all of our bodies are different.

If you have different practitioners doing the palpation then they may be more likely to want you to have an ultrasound because measurements are subjective and can vary so much between people. They could also just be a conservative practice and do more high tech things more easily.

As far as u/s go, I would take any later in pregnancy, esp 3 trimester u/s measurements and weight with several grains of salt. The only truly accurate ones are in the first the third dates can be off by a couple of weeks and pounds can be off by a couple as well...and then you have to also take into account the skill of the person...but, no matter how good they are they are statistically inaccurate...just a guess for weight and dates by the third trimester. This is not to discount that other anomalies can be caught which might cause a discrepancy in growth at an u/s but that u/s is not a perfect science at all and some things are not caught too. A high level u/s is a clearer picture, so if there is real concern I would make sure it is at least a level 2.

And, I have seen folks on the McDonalds diet have very healthy babies so if you are eating well this is a bonus for your baby, but even more for your body in the long run and your family as an example of good eating to I hope that also makes you feel better.

Yes, there can be congenital issues that cause growth or fluid issues but they are rare and from what you have described I would not jump to conclusions at all about what is going on. Perhaps you could call the office and ask for someone to talk to you about your measurements over time and your fears and that might make you feel better. Good luck and let us know how it goes. Paige
Shenandoah's Avatar Shenandoah 11:26 AM 11-23-2006
My belly always measures small. I'm petite. My son was 6 pounds 6 ounces. During my pregnancy with him I did exactly what you are describing at about the same time. No weight gain, measuring small. They scheduled the u/s. Everything was fine. It actually happened several times during that pregnancy. Babies just grow at different rates.

Dec 4 isn't that far away. Trust me, it is sooner than I like to think because that's when MIL is coming for a visit.
tempestjewel's Avatar tempestjewel 04:39 PM 11-23-2006
Measuring small here too!

It was all A-OK until I didn't show any signs of uterine growth between my last appointment and my appointment this past Monday. The midwife said no need to panic yet, because the baby grows in spurts and I may just be in between growth spurts, but if I don't grow by my next appointment on December 4th, then they'll ask me to have an ultrasound to make sure nothing is wrong, but the midwife said it could just be baby's positioning.

I've had trouble gaining lately too, but we've just had SO much going on (and I'm hosting Thanksgiving here in a couple of hours) that I think I've just been doing too much and not eating enough, especially protein. So I'm upping my protein intake and hoping for the best!
~*~MamaJava~*~'s Avatar ~*~MamaJava~*~ 04:49 PM 11-23-2006
Not from your ddc - but I always measure small, until I'm really close to term. With all 3 pregnancies! This time I was at least 3 cm behind for a month or two (in my 6th and 7th month, I think). At my last appointment I was 35.5 weeks and measuring 34.5. This is the first pregnancy that I ever *did* measure on, but that was back at 25 or 26 weeks or something!

It's usually ok. FWIW, my babies were 7.3 and 6.8, but this one is guesstimated to be growing bigger!
Grayson's Mom's Avatar Grayson's Mom 11:42 PM 11-23-2006
Thanks Ladies, I feel a little better now. Knowing I am not the only one
earcher's Avatar earcher 12:07 AM 11-24-2006
I don't want to be the thorn in your side. But i have a girlfriend who like you had a previous baby that was 8lbs and she gained 45lbs (ish) as well. with her 2nd pregnany she had trouble gaining weight, and was measuring a little small. I agree with al the others that it is more likely to be positioning and difference in who is measuring and feeling you. But my friend ended up having very very low amniotic fluid (2) and her baby was very small. She had a beautiful natural deliver. Once the baby was born there were obvious placenta difficiencies and her baby was just over 5 lbs at 41 weeks 1 day.

All you can really do is good protein and send that little baby lots of "grow" vibes.

velveeta's Avatar velveeta 11:51 AM 11-24-2006
Paige wrote a great post, and I think it is important to remember that trends are much more important than one-time measurements. I have measured small a few times. And measured large a few times. Last appt, I had gained 7 lbs in a month, and this time, 1 lb. I think it is all about growth spurts.
swtpesq's Avatar swtpesq 03:19 PM 11-24-2006
I, too, am measuring small...I've consistently been 2 weeks behind where I "should" be, even though I've put on a good amount of weight for my size. My weight gain has also slowed down a lot, going from like 1/2 pound a day (!) to like a 1/2 pound a week. No one seems concerned, so I'm trying not to be either.

Keep us posted!