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I actually ended up in the ER yesterday, because I had 4 separate episodes (or one big one that came and went? who knows) in 3 days this weekend. It wasnt much of a holiday.

I did get my first IV, which shocked the nurse since I've already had 2 kids. "You went natural with them then?" "Yes, I had my son in a freestanding birth center and my daughter at home." "At home?! Wow!" I was surprised that this was apparently so unusual to her, because in this area out-of-hospital births are pretty common, at least compared to other parts of the country. Heck, my birth center is 2 blocks away from this hospital. lol But I think it changed her perception of my pain level after she heard that. She got a little more respect in her tone.

They did rule of preeclampsia, which I knew I didnt have but the doc had to check for anyway I guess. He also called my midwife (poor thing, we talked to her a bunch of times on her holiday weekend). And gave me, finally, some medication to cope with the pain, and short-circuit the cycle that I had gotten into. It seems to have worked, so far at least. I hope I dont get another. And they finally sent me home with a few pills of a stronger pain med, which I've been asking docs for for years, for "just in case" really bad headaches. I guess by going to the ER for it I earned controlled substances at last. haha

DH and I were laughing that we have now been to the hospital once during each pregnancy, but never had a baby there. And boy do I feel good about avoiding it if I can... while everyone was respectful and pleasant and it was a good experience overall, I cant imagine having to have an IV during labor or deal with their timelines. I hope I can avoid it for my last birth.

Anyway, to make this have a point, anybody else with migraines? What are you doing for them? I usually only get one or two a year but they tend to be bad when they come... I've not found a med that really helps, so I usually just take some Advil with Pepsi and go to bed. I can say for sure that IV Dilantin works much better than that but I wouldnt recommend it for every day. They gave my Vicodin for my "emergency" supply... anybody try that? I dont really care about remaining functional, I just want to be able to knock myself out if the pain is very bad.

I do feel bad for my poor baby, getting narcotics before she's even born. Though I imagine she went to the same little happy lala land that I did. But if she's gonna kick my hormones into crazy overdrive, and cause me to sleep with my neck in wierd angles to avoid heartburn, then I guess that's what she's going to have to live with too. But I guess I should get less stingy with the heartburn meds if in the long term it will end up with me needed narcotics.
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oh, no!!

How awful. I do not normally experience migraines. Or really headaches for that matter. I did get a status migrain at about 34/35 weeks with my last pregnancy. It was absolutely terrible. I was seeing an OB at the time, who eventually referred me to a neurologist. He treated it with two rounds of Prednizone (steroid) and it went away. He said that it was just a fluke like kind of thing--maybe or maybe not related to pregnancy.

This time, I am seeing a wonderful midwife, and we have been taking preventative measures. She swears by Red Raspberry Leaf tea every day. She also says that if I felt one coming she could treat it with Belladonna.

I hope you don't have to deal with all this again!!

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Hey ya Kat!

So glad you are feeling better!

I have not had migraines but pretty bad headaches from exactly the same issue...crickety neck trying to sleep up from the stream of heartburn..ikk!!! Besides wanting to meet our babe this is the close second I await for the birth!

I have taken a couple of Tylenol a few times. But, in the past when I had viral meningitis the narcotics were great, that and pumping me with anti virals with got rid of not only the headache but all the plantar warts on my foot!!!! And four years later, I still have not seen them. There was a nice benni! And the other irony to that malady was the spinal I have a good idea of what an epidural is like. Ah, the irony... Kind of like your hospital irony…and btw, I am glad to hear your visit went well…it can be stressful, especially if you have see a lot of some of the stuff that goes on in OB…wondering what it will be like for you when you have to go for any reason.

I hope you don't have any other episodes! Have you been able get some massage from your hubby and/or professional? DO you see a chiro?

Good luck! Paige
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I'm a long-term migraine sufferer, and have had 2-3 migraines with each of my pregnancies (which I think is GREAT comparatively). I've done accupuncture to manage my migraines, which have gotten more hormonally-based as I've gotten older, but not during pregnancy as such.

I've been scared of the hard-core drugs while pregnant, and have instead done this crazy super-hydration therapy (drinking 2-3 liters of water within about 30 minutes) combined with low-stim (no noise, no light, no movement) and tylenol to fight mine. It works okay. Enough to keep me out of the emergency room, anyway!

Poor Kat! Good luck!!!!

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So sorry to hear you are suffering. I hope the meds work for you.

I get about one migrane a year when I'm not pregnant. During pregnancy I've been a second trimester sufferer, and postpartum I had bunches for the first 3 months. That's when I saw a show about the wonders of breastmilk for curing just about anything. I had a HUGE oversupply - I would just hold up the pump and catch whatever was leaking while ds nursed on the other side. I could catch up to 8 ounces at a time. Foremilk, hindmilk, everything. So I had no qualms about having some to see if it got rid of my migrane. 2-3 ounces of breastmilk dissolved a migrane in 30 minutes. It was amazing. I have a freezer full of bmilk still because ds would only drink it from the tap! When I got a few earlier this pregnancy I drank some and it still worked. If you happen to have any in the freezer you might try it. I have no idea if it only worked because it was my own bmilk. I offered some to my frequent-migrane-suffering mother, but she thought it was a disgusting idea. Apparently drugs that only kind of work are less gross.

If you don't have any bmilk in the freezer and know a nursing mom you trust you could always beg off a couple of ounces.
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Wow, Shenandoah, I'll have to try that! I too get the postpartum ones for a week or two immediately after delivery (luckily both times so far they have been mostly aura and slight nausea with no pain... I hope that happens this time too). I hate taking the drugs, but sometimes you just have to. But if I can do breastmilk I will be thrilled! I too get oversupply so having enough shouldn't be a problem.

I dont have any on hand, since I havent nursed in a year, but as a postpartum doula I know lots of nursing mommies. I will have to hit someone up for an emergency supply for the next few weeks (though I sincerely hope I dont need it)! Thanks for the tip!
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s to you! I'm sorry you had to go to the hospital. I hope things calm down until your little babe is born. I haven't had migraines this pregnancy, but I have had a couple of bad headaches. I find that if I drink a ton of water (and thus pee every 15 minutes or so ) that I don't get them. I know migraines are often triggered by different things, though. Anyway, I'm glad you don't have pre-eclampsia! What a relief.

Happily parenting our snuggly wild child since 2007 and her little brother since 2011!

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