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stormgirl's Avatar stormgirl 06:43 PM 12-08-2006
I went in for my 34 week midwife appt, and I weigh in at 201. I never thought I would weigh 200 pounds. I've gained 34...a pound a week, I guess. They were impressed that I was gaining even though I'm still nauseous and having a hard time eating the right things in enough quantity, but my body/baby seems to know what it's doing.

I think I gained 40-45 pounds the last time with ds, but I ended up in the
180's. This time I may just outweigh my dp...we don't have a scale at home, so he doesn't know exactly how much he weighs. I think we're in the same ballpark now.

I just wonder what will happen in the next +/- 6 weeks.

niki_73's Avatar niki_73 07:33 PM 12-08-2006
I now out weigh my DH, now he only weights 167lbs so it wasn't that hard, as he is super skinny (6'2 too) I don't really care much as i lost more than my pre pregnancy weight within a couple months last time.
bleumoose's Avatar bleumoose 08:56 PM 12-08-2006
That's a funny feeling isnt it? I remember being wierded out about that last time. This time it happened much earlier and just made me sigh in resignation. Good news is weight gain is supposed to slow down in the very last couple of weeks. Doesn't mean it will, but let's hope so
MacKinnon's Avatar MacKinnon 12:48 AM 12-09-2006
I'm there with you! I officially broke 200 at my last appointment... I did it with my daughter too (and earlier than this), so it wasn't as rough. I did use that benchmark as my reminder that it does matter what I am eating, especially going through the holidays this pregnant! I would really like to keep my total weight gain under the 60lbs I gained with DD.
meggles's Avatar meggles 12:54 AM 12-09-2006
Well, I'm not far behind you all. I'm 5'8 and have gained at least 45 pounds so far. I'd really like to gain not much more, but I guess I'm not in control, am I? I've eaten well and exercised sufficiently, so I suppose I'm just programmed to gain more than average, whatever that means. I just hope it is not that much work to lose it all. I don't want to outweigh my dh while not pregnant!
JamesMama's Avatar JamesMama 01:08 AM 12-09-2006
Sorry, saw this on the front page had to post...

If it makes you feel any better my hubby is a total skinny minnie...I think he weighs mabe 130 or so and I outweigh him not pregnant...
beansavi's Avatar beansavi 01:12 AM 12-09-2006
Ahhh. the 200 moment.

I went to 215 with all three.

...and I normally weigh 155!

It always came off after breastfeeding and speedwalking and eating right. And my babes are all beautiful like yours will be!
christmasevetwins's Avatar christmasevetwins 09:32 PM 12-09-2006
I'm getting dangerously close to the 200 pound mark. At my last appt. I was 190, a weight gain of 50 pounds! I outweighed my 165-lb. hubby in my second trimester!

I can't "weight" to be bfing two babies!
*~Danielle~*'s Avatar *~Danielle~* 11:35 AM 12-11-2006
I'm right there with ya, sista! I was 198.5 at my last appointment. It'll come off with breastfeeding...but yes, weighing the same as dh is just down right....wrong!!!! I won't tell him what I weigh because he is a freak about that sort of thing. I'll let him know how much I'm losing, but he doesn't get numbers.