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wendyk's Avatar wendyk 07:28 PM 12-11-2006
I'm 34wks 1 day and am soooo ready to not be pregnant anymore. Not enough to wish for a premature baby, but wishing so much to be done. I've not felt good the entire pregnancy. First, I developed a wheat intolerance that took several weeks to figure out, then by the time I did, I was big enough to feel cumbersome and uncomfortable. Not only that, the way the baby and my uterus are positioned periodically semi-blocks my intestines, so that I have these days of cramping and diarrhea. My pubic symphysis hurts.

My almost 4 y/o dd is stuck to me like velcro at all times and I just want space! I know she senses something is different with the baby coming but I'm really struggling with the clinginess. She wants to be held all the time, which I simply can't do. She's outgrowing her naps and turns into a maniac in the evenings- the time of day that I become most noise sensitive. She's forgetting how to suck the right way when she nurses- and even commented on that last night. Of course that makes an already irritating nursing session that much more irritating when it feels like you're being chewed on.

I feel like an irritable bitch all the time. It's cold here and I hate the cold.

I wish it made me feel better to whine, but it really doesn't. It just makes me feel whiny on top of everything else.

Shenandoah's Avatar Shenandoah 07:56 PM 12-11-2006

In 3 more weeks you can start doing all the old wives tales to start your labor. In the meantime a visit to a chiropractor might make you more comfortable.
swtpesq's Avatar swtpesq 08:07 PM 12-11-2006
Don't know if it helps at all, but at least know that you are not alone!

And, you'll be holding your little babe very soon! Hang in there!

{P.S. I've had the cramping and diarrhea, too -- it totally sucks! I feel for you, mama!}
velveeta's Avatar velveeta 08:22 PM 12-11-2006
I am so there with you. Our children are about the same age (DS will be 4 in May), and I have been so uncomfortable, too. I want my baby to stay in long enough to be very healthy, but I do wish I could fast-forward to 40 weeks!

The velcro stuff is absolutely CRAZY. My DS, whom I never leave, *has* to go out with me to take out the trash or feed the dogs outside or take a bath.

Yesterday was my birthday, and one of my major presents was a bath ALONE.

I guess the other thing is that I LOVE NEW BABIES. And I am so eager for my little one to get here. My DS is still nursing, but there's no milk. So, we are all eager for the milk to make its return.

From one crabby mom to another --
bleumoose's Avatar bleumoose 10:29 PM 12-11-2006
You're so close, yet so far away! We can all relate, these last few weeks are not fun. Lots of discomfort, huge shortage of patience... ugh. But we're almost there. Almost there. This is my mantra! hang in there mama!
wendyk's Avatar wendyk 09:21 AM 12-12-2006
Thanks mamas

It does help knowing I'm not the only grump out there. It's just so different than with my first pregnancy when I didn't reach that point of "get this baby out of me" until I was actually pushing!

I still feel like a need cave to hibernate in for a while. Preferably a heated one with a massage therapist, and a bathroom!
JJ'sMom's Avatar JJ'sMom 03:46 PM 12-12-2006
send me the GPS coordintes. i need to be there.

wendyk's Avatar wendyk 04:36 PM 12-12-2006
You know the sad part of that cave comment is that for as wonderful as it sounds, my first thought is "Great, something else I gotta do- find a cave in the cold."

Such a sad state I'm in.