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January 2007 > I actually had my baby before the EDD!
a_work_in_progress's Avatar a_work_in_progress 06:41 PM 01-28-2007
Alexandria Lorelei was born on January 22, 5 days before the EDD. She was a peanut at 9lbs 4oz, 21 ¾", with a full head of ash blonde hair. The labor was quite easy. It took me awhile to admit I actually was in labor. I went to the hospital at 6:30am, thinking it was going to take all morning and possibly into the afternoon, but she was born just 2 ½ hours later. She looks just like her daddy, and he's been so wonderful with her.

He finally told his mom that he was a dad right after I gave birth. He hadn't told her I was pregnant!!! That created some funny circumstances at the hospital, but things appear to be going smoothly now.

She's been a bit jaundiced, but that appears to be clearing up. We haven't gotten the results back to see if she has Lyme Disease or not, but her platelets are good. She's lost a lot of weight, but it appears the Reglan is kicking in now. YAY!

sunshinesmommy's Avatar sunshinesmommy 07:37 PM 01-28-2007
meggles's Avatar meggles 07:44 PM 01-28-2007
Welcome, Alexandria! Glad your labor was so easy!
Nyamae's Mama's Avatar Nyamae's Mama 07:52 PM 01-28-2007
Shenandoah's Avatar Shenandoah 08:02 PM 01-28-2007

Lyme disease?! Clearly I missed a post somewhere along the line. I hope she's okay.
skueppers's Avatar skueppers 08:32 PM 01-28-2007
Congratulations! Glad to hear that the Reglan seems to be doing its thing!
*~Danielle~*'s Avatar *~Danielle~* 02:10 PM 01-29-2007
Felicitations! What's up with the Lyme scare?
tempestjewel's Avatar tempestjewel 07:48 PM 01-29-2007
Congrats on the baby and the quick labor!
a_work_in_progress's Avatar a_work_in_progress 01:42 PM 02-05-2007
No spirochetes in the placenta, so hopefully that means she didn't contract Lyme Disease! HAPPY DAY!!!
NewMomToKate's Avatar NewMomToKate 08:31 PM 02-05-2007