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dooney's Avatar dooney 04:17 PM 12-28-2006
After Christmas is usually a "down" time for me, but this year is 10x worse because of all the work of moving, getting exhausted whenever I try to get anything done, being told "you shouldn't carry that," leaving behind the apartment where we spent the majority of our married life, getting rid of things, and NOW we're going to have our beloved rat put down today. She has a tumor that hasn't really slowed her down until lately. The past few days have been hard for her to get around, and today she is just suffering and hardly moving. She gets flipped over onto her back and can't get back over. She can't get to her water and she isn't interested in food. It breaks my heart. I've already told Bun all about her. She's pretty old for a rat, we got her and her sister (who also died with a tumor) right after we got married. I hoped she would hold on until all this moving is over. I wanted to spend more time with her. It's harder because she's our last rat and we agreed we wouldn't get any more for a while.
I'm just feeling really : in general and I can't take time for myself to be okay because we have to be out of here (the apartment) tomorrow.

angieluvsramon's Avatar angieluvsramon 04:29 PM 12-28-2006
ooohhh Im so sorry you are so miserable!! I am going through kinda the same thing.......we just moved to mesa az from tucson az because 3 days before thanksgiving the company my husband worked for got bought out and they fired my husband and unfortunatly the company my husband worked for also owned the apartment we lived in so they gave us 3 days to move out! well, a week before all that happened our precious dog ran outside and got hit by a car...poor doggy. so this christmas was pretty rough for us, we diddnt have a christmas tree for our son or any money to buy him any presents, which really made me feel terrible! But we had great family members around us who gave us one of the best christmas's I have ever had!!!!!!!!!
libragirl's Avatar libragirl 11:41 PM 12-28-2006
sorry you're feeling down...hope things start looking up soon.
timneh_mom's Avatar timneh_mom 12:35 AM 12-29-2006
Losing a pet is just so hard... especially when they are old or sick and you just can't let them continue on that way... Moving in this part of pregnancy would be SO hard too, I just can't imagine it! I just hope getting settled into your new place is easy and I just hope it gets better soon... again on deciding about your pet rat... that's so hard
simple life's Avatar simple life 03:08 AM 12-29-2006
I'm getting the 'winter blues' as well. While I don't have the sadness of pet loss that you do (sorry to hear that, we lost our cat of 19 years a few days before Christmas a few years ago and it was so sad).

The added stress of having to get the house ready for a baby is definitely not helping with my winter blues. I can't imagine having to move right now! Though at times I think it would be easier than getting this house in order! (we live in a super tiny house).

I hope that the move goes smoothly for you, and again, I'm sorry to hear about your rat.

Gray's Mommy's Avatar Gray's Mommy 01:48 PM 12-29-2006
to you & I am sorry about the loss of your pet. That is hard no matter what time of the year it is...
dooney's Avatar dooney 09:30 PM 12-30-2006
The vet said she's not ready yet, I was happy. She wants to live, she's eating and drinking and trying to get around so we're going to make her comfortable as much as we can. Thanks for your kind thoughts.
veganmomma's Avatar veganmomma 12:42 AM 12-31-2006
Originally Posted by dooney View Post
The vet said she's not ready yet, I was happy. She wants to live, she's eating and drinking and trying to get around so we're going to make her comfortable as much as we can. Thanks for your kind thoughts.
s sorry about your pet... We just had to put our little doggie Sarah to sleep in October. It was very hard on us. We hadn't had her for very long but she had quickly become a party of the family. Hope that things start looking up for you and you can relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and your new home.
lanielayne's Avatar lanielayne 01:05 AM 12-31-2006

dooney's Avatar dooney 04:33 PM 01-08-2007
Well, here's a non-mothering related update on the rat. She's still alive, and in fact doing better! I took her out of the big cage and made a cozy one-story cage, lowered the water bottle. I've been hand-feeding her baby rice cereal mixed with juices or bread soaked in milk or juice and making sure she gets up to the water bottle. The other day I heard the bottle clanking and she was drinking on her own! I mixed her regular hard food with the soaked bread and she ate all of it. I was worried about her teeth growing out of control because she was only eating soft foods, so I'm keeping hard food in the cage as well as hand-feeding soft. She's gotten stronger, eats on her own, and has been climbing into the hammock to sleep. It makes me feel like a good mommy.
Too bad she's still got the tumors