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mooliette's Avatar mooliette 12:19 AM 01-02-2007
I had another ultrasound a few weeks back to check for positining. She is thankfully head down



And my boys on Christmas morning


Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season. May 2007 bring everyone joy and happiness

swtmama2be's Avatar swtmama2be 10:23 AM 01-02-2007
soooooooo cute!
dooney's Avatar dooney 03:50 PM 01-02-2007
LOVE that face shot!
lanielayne's Avatar lanielayne 06:26 PM 01-02-2007
So cute! I wish I had thought to get a pic of all my kids together Xmas morning. I guess I was just too preoccupied.
PixelDust's Avatar PixelDust 06:28 PM 01-02-2007
mom2mimi's Avatar mom2mimi 06:40 PM 01-02-2007
What sweet looking boys you have! I'll have to some new ones of my kiddos too as soon as I have the energy to upload.
Gray's Mommy's Avatar Gray's Mommy 09:09 PM 01-03-2007
I love pictures!! Thanks for sharing them with us!