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I had my 36 week app't yesterday and it was HORRENDOUS! My OB was a complete JERK and threatened us!!

I've been laboring since Thursday...went to the birthing center on Friday and was 3cms and contracting every two minutes. Pretty much since then, I've been the same. While at the hospital, the OB never came to see me, check me, etc. and even told the nurses that I was GBS positive...which isn't a BAD thing, but it wasn't true...I hadn't even had the test. When I told them that I hadn't, they didn't believe me and said that my OB told them he was "sure."

They let me come home after four hours on monitoring. I had an app't yesterday and DH went with me. We were concerned about me being in labor for soooo long and the affects it might have on the baby. We just didn't know the facts on it and were worried...we WEREN'T pushing for nor asking for an induction whatsoever. My grandmother lost a baby during labor because they let her go too long and the heartrate wasn't good...I know that was a long time ago, but the thought had crossed my mind and I needed to know if the prolonged contractions would stress the wee one.

So, the OB comes in the room and asks what the things on the table are for...the nurse says for the GBS test...he says, "no, she's positive already." I respond that I haven't had the test yet and he looks at me like I'm trying to get out of "being positive" or something. He tells me that I most certainly HAVE had the test and begins to look through my chart...only to discover that I hadn't. He quickly covers with, "Oh, we were supposed to do that today." Um, yeah.

He does the test...which wasn't even a vaginal swab...he swabed my groin??? And then he checks me to say, "You're the same...no change." Hmmmm...was he even THERE Friday to check me to COMPARE?? Um, don't think so...so how could he even say that.

Then DH and I bring up our concerns and he jumps all over us like we are wanting the baby out NOW. Never once did we mention induction...we're ONLY 36 weeks...however, we were concerned about the baby and me possibly not progressing since I didn't with DS #1. We were only concerned about the baby. The OB proceeds to tell DH that if HE wants to take me out and "bump me up" on a gravel road to get labor going, then he'd GLADLY ship our baby right off to ICU. ???????????????????? What the HECK??!?!?

DH told him about how hard the contractions were and how they registered at the hospital...the OB told us that all that did was measure the movement of the uterus...that how high they were registering meant nothing. Maybe it's because the OBs never BEEN in labor, but a 20 on the readout definitely feels different than a 170 on the printout. He dismissed the fact that I was having real contractions at all...he called it slight uterine cramping. Puh-lease at least acknowledge that my body is working just a little bit...

DH was furious...I cried the whole way home. I do not trust this doc at all. I do not want him delivering my baby. I think the whole "shipping baby off to ICU - regardless of need" was a bit too spiteful for my comfort level. I'm honestly worried that he would do everything I DIDN'T want just to prove us wrong, get even with us...remember, this is the OB that kept vital info. out of my chart because he is friends with the building owners that screwed us over...the missing info. kept us from getting to see the specialist after our toxic mold exposure.

Gosh, this is getting long, so I'll hurry. I just need some "hold off the labor/contraction" vibes until tomorrow at noon. I have an app't with a new OB and need to get in that app't to have him deliver. I'm in a lot of pain right now and things feel stronger at times...I'm hoping and praying that I don't progress any further until we can get through tomorrow. Please pray for us...I'm PETRIFIED of going into labor tonight and having Dr. Insanity anywhere near me...

Anyone know if worst came to worst and I did go tonight if I could ask for another OB to deliver or am I stuck? :
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That's a tough situation to be in; I really hope you can find someone new to work with. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Let your life speak. -- George Fox
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-from April DDC-
Woah, that sounds stressssssffffuuulllll! I am thinking of you, and I think if you go in tonight you can request the Doc on Call.

Hoping you don't go in until tomorrow....or you might be snuggling your new babe to your breast!
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Good for you!! You go girl!! He has been jerking you around for a while so glad to see you take charge!!

That being said - and I know he has done a lof of stupid things, I wanted to point out two things that he was actually correct on:

1) The GBS test does require a rectal swab (along with a vaginal one). They do check both areas - otherwise the test is not valid. So that was correct.

2) The monitors that measure ctx are not measuring the strength of the ctx - so while it may have felt differently to you, the number on the monitor is basically meaningless. All it means is that you had a ctx, it has absolutely no bearing over how strong it was. The only way to measure ctx strength is with an internal monitor called an IUPC (Internal Uterine Pressure Catheter) and they would have had to break your water to place that. The purpose of the external monitor is to see if you are having ctx and to time them, and to check how your baby's heart rate is responding to them. That's it.

Besides that though he seems to be on a complete power trip and has been for a while. Good for you for taking control!!
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Hey mama, hang in there, your body is doing hard work!

And if you DO end up going to the hospital tonight, tell them you fired Dr. Mean OB today and you would like to see the resident or the on-call or anyone BUT Dr. Mean OB. And IF by chance Dr. Mean OB is the on-call tonight, don't let him in your room!!!!

You have every right to "fire" a doc and insist on new care, even if it's someone you've never met. Sure, you might end up with the on-call or a resident or an ER doc, but honestly, after hearing all the stories about Dr. Mean OB, I would prefer a cab driver over him!!!

And if that means SCREAMING from the door of your room or in front of the nurses station "I fired this doctor, I insist you call someone else" then that's what you have to do.

xoxoxoxo you are doing great! Hang in there, it'll all work out.

Lisa, mama to Lauren, Elliot, angel Marion, and baby due in the fall.
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Does your OB come in for every delivery? Or does he have someone else cover when he's not on call? If you don't know the answer, you can simply call the hospital to find out.

Another option is to just go to a different hospital where does not have priviledges. Just say you were visiting friends on the other side of town and went into labour.

Good luck! I hope you can make it to your appointment tomorrow!
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oops-wrong post

A doula who married a cop & became a mama to 3 boys: G 12/22/00, my rainbow baby B 2/2/07 and L 2/10/10 my CBA2V baby, waiting for my little caboose late February 2013 & always remembering my two angels 2006 & 2012.

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If you have any hassle over it, I would describe his behavior as "harrassment" at this point. He "went crazy on you" and misread your chart and was very overbearing. I'd use some of that terminology if you have to explain your situation to someone else.

Hoping you can hold off until tommorrow!!
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Whoa! I am so sorry you are going though this! ITA with the PP's and I wouldn't accept it if you go into labor tonight and he is there. No way would I let that jerk near me!
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Hey Mama,
I affirm for you that your baby will come at the right and perfect time so that the right and perfect health care professional is able to deliver you. Good energy mama - good energy flowing your way.

Mom to DS (16), DD (7), DS (5), and excitedenergy.gif about my final baby due October 2014. Love fluffy mailheartbeat.gif, appreciate midwives, and can't wait to wear a baby againjoy.gif!
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Hope you get your new apppointment tomorrow, hon. It would be nice if you could at least talk with your new person before birth.
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sorry about your OB but switching sounds like the right thing to do - sending all good thoughts your way!
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I'm soo glad you are switching. Some people shouldn't be allowed to practice medicine. I agree that you should be able to request another doc if you happen to go into labor tonight. Good luck, I hope tomorrow's appt. is fabulous.
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Thanks for all of the positive thoughts and affirmations, mamas! I think we're going to make it until tomorrow. I've been really uncomfy, but it's not getting a lot worse, so I think we're safe.

yonit - thank you for the info on the things I was questioning...I really do appreciate it. HUGS, mama! About the GBS swab though...he swabbed the sides of my legs (in the groin/folds where my hips and tummy join) and not anywhere else...I saw him just use the one q-tip...no rectal or vaginal swabbing...do you think it will still provide a trustworthy result?
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WOW, it sure sounds like you needed to change docs!! I really hope you wind up loving your new one!

I am not Yonit but, I am certain they need to actually swab your vagina and rectum to get accurate results for GBS. I have never seen or heard of someone swabbing your groin. Might want to mention that to your new OB tomorrow and see what they say.

I'm really sorry you are being faced with such stress so close to the end!! It's hard enough to relax and get through it when everything is going really well! Please let us know how it all goes tomorrow!
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yes they actually have to swab inside the vagina since that's where GBS normally can colonize. yikes mama. i hope the new doc moves things along for you. big !

anne, mama to Isaak (6.13.05) Joe (2.24.07) and Eli (8.17.09) wifey to J since 2002 petparent to our retired racer "Under Rated" aka Jango.  help put an end to dog racing! 
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Whew! I would be raging mad! I hope you don't ever have to encounter this person again! Good luck on birthing! I am sure everything will work out great!

~Lanie mom to Layne, Liam, Maren, Meridian, and Melora
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Good luck! Hope you get a good doc! I will be 36 weeks in a few days and if my appt doesnt go well tomorrow, then I will also be switching. I will at least be without a doc. So I know how stressed you are and how it feels to be so unsupported by the medical community.
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