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MCKMN's Avatar MCKMN 07:25 PM 01-24-2007
Had my visit today... My Blood Pressure was 162/84... Ok, not bad I guess, but not great.. I know the bottom number is the concern for doctors, and not so much the top.. so I am wondering if anyone can please tell me why the top number is not as much of a concern.. I never understood this..

Also the babies heartrate was was lower then in past visits.. bounced between 117-120.. Normally he runs around 130-140.. So they hooked me up for a NST.. Heart rate was still running 120's, but he was not moving.. So they got this thingie out.. the buzzer type thing, and he jumped like there was no tomorrow, and for the remainder of the NST ( which was 40 minutes )his heart rate ran 130'3-140's.. They said he looked good and sent me home.. so Is 120 for hear rate ok?
He just is not as active as he usually is..his movements seem really weak too me lately. But he could just be very cramped. They are estimating him at 8+pounds, and have mentioned talk of C-section too get him out safely. I have too go friday for a pressure read, and we will decide from there. I;m just not sure if I should be worried with the heart rate being in the 120's, and the pressure probs.. I need all the thoughts and advise I can get from you ladies..I am really confused at this point.
I just want what is SAFE for HIM.. Whether it be vaginal, or c-section.. they will not induce, so not too sure what too look forward too.. I was also having contractions, but again, they are little blips on the radar.. So PLEASE help me figure this out.. Too worry, or not too worry...HELP????

e123vg's Avatar e123vg 07:34 PM 01-24-2007
bp sounds fine to me, today mine was 123/96 and my doc wasn't concerned. 120 is perfect for how many weeks you are. i got an nst today because my baby was sleeping and heartrate was 150... why they were concerned is beyond me. as for a c-section becuase baby is 8lbs doesn't make sense to me. i wouldn't worry about anything just yet. i would probably start worrying if you are spilling protein in your urine or your bp goes over 100 for your lower number. just relax and enjoy your pregnancy because it's almost over!
2cutiekitties's Avatar 2cutiekitties 08:50 PM 01-24-2007
The top number is due to stress and what you eat drink, etc. I have whitecoat on top of high blood pressure so last time my number was 176/76 and they freaked. I calmly said take it again in two minutes and it was 143/93- which is where I am running these days.

All due to stress because I was at a new place and the nurses do not know my history and I knew the 'hope your bag is packed in the car' crap would fly out of their mouths. And it did.

I do the nst's twice a week and if they were truly concerned they would have sent you for an u/s. They told me they like the babies heartbeat to jump around a lot. You are lucky the buzzer thing worked, it never works for my baby. He can sleep through anything.
MoonWillow's Avatar MoonWillow 09:18 PM 01-24-2007
I'm sorry you are having confusion. I know how you feel! Someone else can give you better info on exactly what the numbers mean, but whether or not they are a cause for concern I think depends on what your numbers are in relation to how they have BEEN. So your numbers might normally be a little higher than someone elses or maybe a little lower. You need to look at the little graph in your chart and have them explain it to you next time you go in.

About needing a c section for a big baby. I am sorry but that gets MY BP up because it's total crap. First of all there is no accurate way to get a true read on the baby's size and second of all, why on earth wouldn't you be able to birth an 8 lb (or more) baby naturally?! : The incidence of the baby being too big for the pelvis is SO rare! Maybe you'll feel better if you do some reading up about that.
They had been telling me I'm having a SMALL baby and I was freaking until I got myself in check about it. And until my midwife felt for herself and said "that baby doesn't feel small!" And here I lost sleep worrying about IUGR when if noone ever said anything, Id have been fine.

It's yet another example of how the medical community feels that they know more than mother nature. They are wrong.

I am dealing with this stuff too and after a long heart to heart with my midwife she said to trust my intuition and admitted that 95% of what they do is just to avoid law suits and to cover themselves in the event that they happen anyway.

The maternity system in this country is in a sad state of affairs which results in unnecessary testing, surgery and/or just plain and scaring the crap out of us poor mamas.
You're not alone.
Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself!
What does YOUR intuition say?
2cutiekitties's Avatar 2cutiekitties 10:26 PM 01-24-2007
^^^ yep. I believe it is all for lawsuits. I dont understand why I have to be induced at 38.5 weeks if my BP stays steady and doesnt climb. Makes no sense why they simply wont let me go a minute longer. I hate the medical community. Sad they have driven me to that.
heartandhandsdoula's Avatar heartandhandsdoula 10:48 PM 01-24-2007
Thank you motherwren! My BP goes up just hearing about it as well. I hate to hear of someone going through a completely unnecessary section and out comes a tiny little baby. Your body will grow what it can is wise! Plus, how many women do you know that have 8-10lbers? quite a few, it is absolutely doable. Have faith in your body Missy, don't fall for their crap.
MoonWillow's Avatar MoonWillow 11:17 PM 01-24-2007
Originally Posted by 2cutiekitties View Post
^^^ yep. I believe it is all for lawsuits. I dont understand why I have to be induced at 38.5 weeks if my BP stays steady and doesnt climb.
You absolutely DON'T have to! I'm glad I have my midwife backing up my intuitions but I'd still be refusing an induction even if I didn't.

Sorry for the soap box moments . It's just that I'm in the thick of it myself and its just so wrong.
I'd be going for an HBAC but I'm just not comfortable with having to be transported if that rare possibility of rupture occurs. Once I'm proven though, there's no stoppin' me
timneh_mom's Avatar timneh_mom 11:22 PM 01-24-2007
Hi Missy,

It's your blood pressure pal here. Just to give you a quick bp tutorial! Your top number is the pressure of the blood in your arteries when you heart is in the middle of a beat, and the bottom number is the pressure when your heart is at rest. The top number changes frequently depending on the load (strain) on your heart. So if you are sleeping, the top number will be lower because your heart is not working very hard when you are asleep. If you just ran up a flight of stairs, your top number will normally be higher because your heart is beating harder, faster and working more.

The bottom number is particularly significant because it shows the amount of strain on your blood vessels (and organs) when your heart is in between beats. It can also increase under a high workload (exercise or stress) but it won't go up as high as the top number which is when your heart is in the middle of a beat. The bottom number gives a clearer picture of how well your blood vessels recover between beats. There are a lot of chemicals in your body that regulate this, it's all kinda complicated and I'd have to look it up to tell you exactly what happens... the kidneys play a big part in it along with other hormones in your body.

Does that help?

As far as I know, it's not unusual for the fetal heart rate to slow up a little at the end of pregnancy, And, it sounds like the baby was sleeping, since the buzzer made him suddenly move and increased his heart rate. That sounds like a totally normal reaction and totally normal NST. If baby is sleeping, 120 is fine. I occasionally get that when mine is asleep.

Can you get a BP cuff and take your own at home? I take mine every day (only because of my history, I'd been on meds almost 2 months at this point the last time) and bring it in - so if it's a little high from me running and rushing to get there, I can show them that it was normal all week and normal at home before I left. Even if he hasn't asked you to do that, it might be a good idea.

I agree with your body only growing what will fit through your pelvis. Sometimes babies appear to not fit, but perhaps the labor was not managed well and the baby was in a poor position to descend. I can't imagine that nature makes a bodily function that fails 30% of the time... that just makes no sense to me! Especially one as important as continuing the next generation of the species - that's pretty important!!

Hope that helps a little!
2cutiekitties's Avatar 2cutiekitties 01:17 AM 01-25-2007
^^that is a great explanation, thanks Liz!
mooliette's Avatar mooliette 10:50 AM 01-25-2007
Excellent explaination Liz!! I have a history of HBP while pregnant, just the thought of having it checked increases it 10 points. Hang in there girlie, our sweet babies will arrive soon and then our blood pressure will go back to normal at 120/70
MCKMN's Avatar MCKMN 03:50 PM 01-26-2007
OMG Liz... that was the BEST explanation I have ever gotten in my life, and I understood it too.. Nice when someone explains in lamens terms how things work..Thank you so much!

I had my visit today..My pressure was 160/90 this morning,about 3 hrs after taking my pill, I am also spilling protien in my urine, they said it was not too bad, but enough too have the dreaded *C* talk... I also got some bloodwork back that they took from me.. My liver enzymes are SLIGHTLY elevated.. not too crazy bad, but I think my OB is getting nervous about baby and I.... We talked about the section today.. I just am so damn confused.. I have no idea what I should do anymore...I go back on Monday for another check, and they also took more blood too keep an eye on the liver enzymes.. Also have too do a stupid 24hr urine again...So.. I am really torn at this point...also it seems this baby is now tranverse..which sucks so damn bad.. So trying too get him too move..I guess i will see what the weekend brings. They said they would call over the weekend with my results.. I have too go this evening for a NST.. So at least baby and I are being watched and takin care of...
MoonWillow's Avatar MoonWillow 04:01 PM 01-26-2007
Oh no.
So sorry you're going through this. I wish I had some words of wisdom. It's just so hard.

timneh_mom's Avatar timneh_mom 04:37 PM 01-26-2007
I'm so sorry!! I was really hoping the end of this would be so much easier and less stressful for you. I too wish I had better words of comfort for you... I'll have you in my thoughts here and please drop me an email/post and let me know how things are going!