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raeinparis's Avatar raeinparis 08:47 AM 03-01-2007

well, our little boy arrived on the 25th at 4.30 in the afternoon. i was so pleased as i didn't have to have an epidural and i'm not injured after the birth! i did get an episio and i wasn't pleased about that but i did push the little guy out myself. overall, a great experience.

he was 3.9 kg and 51 cm long. he's very sweet but is sleeping too much since my milk came in! he was a serious sucker til then but since it's arrived he's sleeping loads.

welcome to all the new babies and congratulations to all the families! and for those who are still waiting for their babies, hang in there!

mooliette's Avatar mooliette 10:49 AM 03-01-2007
Congrats mama, enjoy your babymoon!! : :
mamabear&babybear's Avatar mamabear&babybear 11:09 AM 03-01-2007
Congrats!! Welcome baby e!
Gray's Mommy's Avatar Gray's Mommy 01:32 PM 03-01-2007
baby e!!
poep's Avatar poep 01:45 PM 03-01-2007
congrats rae on baby e's arrival. i'm jealous of all the sleep - i hope you are taking advantage of that!
ryleigh'smama's Avatar ryleigh'smama 03:10 PM 03-01-2007
Congratulations Rae!!! Welcome baby e!! I am so glad you are uninjured, yay!
DreamsInDigital's Avatar DreamsInDigital 05:07 PM 03-01-2007
timneh_mom's Avatar timneh_mom 05:46 PM 03-01-2007
I am SO happy to hear your little one is here!! Take care and enjoy him!
lanielayne's Avatar lanielayne 05:47 PM 03-01-2007
Wonderful news! Congratulations!