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mysonshine's Avatar mysonshine 02:42 PM 03-09-2007
Since I'm now off work, I don't have internet access so this is really late!

Jonathan Matthew was born Feb 24th at 12:35 pm. 8#2oz. 20 in. He was delivered in the hospital with Mama on her knees and elbows on the bed. Yep! My butt in the air! Was the only position I could handle the ctx in so that's where I stayed.
Ctx started pretty good around 4am. About 5:30 had bloody show. Our doula came around 9. We walked around the block in the freezing cold windy weather. Got back to house and after a little while I got the in shower on the ball. Wasn't in there long before Jodi said I might want to think about heading to the hospital. I think I heard her tell DH something about having the baby at home! Anyway my Mom got there just as I was getting ready to get out. We got me dressed and out the door we went. On the way to the hospital I had another ctx. Had to get on my knees. So here we are driving down the road and I'm in the front seat of the truck on my knees with my head down in the back. Can only imagine what other drivers saw and thought. Got to the hospital about 11:30. Only had the monitor on me. No heplock, no blood draw, nothing. My dr didn't even make for the birth. Had a resident. Dr came in right after baby came out but before placenta.
Things went so good. We even came home a day early.
We're all doing well. Big brother is doing great too!

We're now at my mom's for a couple weeks. (DH gets 6 weeks leave!) So we get to relax and rest.

Hope all is well with all of you!

Gray's Mommy's Avatar Gray's Mommy 03:46 PM 03-09-2007
little baby boy!! Enjoy your babymoon
HeavenLeighGrace's Avatar HeavenLeighGrace 04:20 PM 03-09-2007

Welcome to the family little one!!

Enjoy your time at home!

(Maybe see you next week! LOL!)

Love you guys!
Miss chatting with you throughout the day!

See you soon! Give kisses all around!
mamabear&babybear's Avatar mamabear&babybear 12:55 PM 03-12-2007
Congrats and welcome baby Jonothan!!