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February 2007 > Anyone Else Want To Be Added To The Announcements?
lanielayne's Avatar lanielayne 02:08 AM 03-14-2007
Please let me know if I have overlooked anyone! I want it to be done right before we are archived!

mysonshine's Avatar mysonshine 04:01 PM 03-14-2007
oops! Didn't know I was there already! Thank you!
WinterBaby's Avatar WinterBaby 08:39 PM 03-14-2007
I posted our info to the announcement thread
Azza's Avatar Azza 08:07 PM 03-26-2007
I havent been here in a while, but Isabella Sage was born at 07h35 on the 12th February :
7kiddosmom's Avatar 7kiddosmom 06:35 PM 03-27-2007
I was w/o internet for a few months. Just wanted to be added. Ivan Cain was born on Feb. 15 at 8:24 pm. He weighed 9 lbs 7 ozs and was 20 1/2 inches long. I ended up going into the hospital to be induced.

lanielayne's Avatar lanielayne 08:05 PM 03-27-2007
reducereuserecycle's Avatar reducereuserecycle 06:44 PM 03-28-2007
i forgot to post in the announcements, but i just added it in.
kathan12904's Avatar kathan12904 08:30 PM 03-30-2007
Add me please

Phaelen Lukas ******
born:March 8, 2007
edd: feb. 20, 2001
weight/length: 9lbs 12oz, 21 in
arrival: home
lanielayne's Avatar lanielayne 01:33 AM 03-31-2007
simple life's Avatar simple life 08:52 PM 03-31-2007
I totally forgot! I'd love to be added.

Christopher Paul born March 14 at 4:21 am. 20 inches long and 8 pounds 8 ounces.

prairiemommy's Avatar prairiemommy 11:41 PM 04-01-2007
Just want to say that Patrick was born the 10th, not the 9th. Though I would have been okay with the 9th too!! Thankfully, he was a vag. birth as well.
lanielayne's Avatar lanielayne 04:31 AM 04-06-2007