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Hi ladies, I'm hoping some of you experienced moms can help me out, or at least tell me its not THAT bad to supplement with formula?

The past few days DD has been extremely irritable during the day and just downright miserable in the evenings. She is 3.5 months and has been EBF since she was born. I suspect that she is cutting a tooth although I can't see or feel anything coming in. Today I am taking her to the pediatrician to make sure its not something else like an ear infection.

So the past few days, mostly in the evenings, she has been screaming at the breast. She does it somewhat during hte day but if I switch sides she seems the evenings she just screams and has a complete meltdown. Last night it got so bad that she was even having trouble breathing because she was crying so hard she couldn't catch her breath. It was quite scary for a few minutes.

She will take a bottle with no problem when she gets like this so I really think its painful for her to suck. I've tried Hyland's teething tablets and they didn't seem to help too much, they calmed her down but she still refused the breast. Tried Tylenol last night which did about the same thing, she still refused the breast.

Now since we've been giving her bottles a few times a day my freezer stash is completely gone. I pumped this morning and have about 2.5 ounces which is only going to be enough for one bottle, and I'm not sure that will even satisfy her. I have been trying to pump throughout the day but when I talked to an LC she said that's not a good idea.

So what now? Obviously DD has to eat but she can't seem to get what she needs from me. Any ideas? I REALLY do not want to give her formula but DH is about at his wits end with her crying, and I am too. If I do have to resort to a bottle of formula to supplement do you ladies have any suggestions for what is the best. I have the free samples of Similac and Enfamil that we got in the mail and the ingredients just scare me. Is the Organic type any better? I might stop and get some on the way home from her appointment today just in case we do need it.

Please help, I am so frustrated and so upset I don't know what to do.......

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I "hope" its just an ear infection! and you can get back on your way after a little antibiotics! Other wise I would keep offering her everytime shes hungry and if she wont nurse then give her a bottle...when you give her a bottle then you need to pump to keep your supply up. every oz you give her in a bottle is an OZ that your body will think it no longer needs to make..and you dont want that.
I gave my oldest son good start... DHD ARA.. its an orange can. he never had issues with it. Its also what I have given the new baby... its actually the only thing that didnt make him spit up after eating it when we were supplementing.

Good luck!
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From your description it sounds like your daughter has nipple confusion and that has caused a nursing strike.

You can read more about nursing strikes here:

You can read more about nipple confusion here:

If your goal is to get your daughter back to being exclusively breastfed, you should probably stop all bottles now. That doesn't mean that you should stop supplementing if she continues to refuse to nurse, but it does mean that you should use an alternative method of feeding her either EBM or formula. Here are some suggestions for alternatives to bottle feeding:

It is not great to supplement with formula, but it is necessary if your daughter is refusing to nurse *and* you have run out of EBM. I have absolutely no clue what brand of formula is "better," but I do know that you should boycott any made by Nestle. Here are a few suggestions on how to maximize pump output in order to avoid supplementing:

Hang in there. It is totally possible to get your daughter to nurse again. A good friend of mine had a similar situation when her son began daycare and she was able to resolve his nipple confusion and get him back to the breast.

If I were in your position, I would eat a lot of oatmeal (boosts milk supply) and drink lots of water. I would spend a lot of time in bed with her cuddling and offering the breast. Spend as much time as possible topless with your daughter held against your skin in a diaper. Taking warm baths with her may also help encourage her to nurse. It may also help if you can pump a little to stimulate your milk let down and then attempt to attach her to the breast when the milk is already flowing. As long as she is still not nursing you should supplement with formula or EBM, preferably in a cup, dropper, or some other method that does not involve artificial nipples because it's much harder to persuade a cranky, hungry baby to nurse than it is a reasonably content one. Try offering the breast *before* she seems really hungry.

Hope that this helps. Your pediatrician might also find a physical cause that is making her not want to nurse and once that's resolved she might happily resume nursing.
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If you do have to go the formula route, I use Baby's Only Organic. After much research, it was the least scary of the formulas out there. It doesn't contain the DHA ARA, but you can get a separate additive for that. however, my lactation consultant said that the DHA that's being added to formulas is causing a lot of gastric upset in many children because of the way it's obtained (the Life's DHA which uses toxic processes to obtain the DHA.) Nature's One who puts out Baby's Only purposely doesn't add the DHA automatically for this reason (and because theirs is obtained from eggs, I guess they don't want any allergy issues. They explain it more on their website, don't go totally by what I have to say. My brain is fried.)

I'm still breastfeeding, though my supply is very minimal, so I imagine he must get at least some of the DHA from me that way. I haven't decided whether or not to supplement the DHA that Nature's One puts out because I can't get an answer yet as to whether or not DS is getting enough from my supply.
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