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MamaSong's Avatar MamaSong 12:11 AM 01-22-2009
My boobs are hurting so bad - sometimes aching, sometimes specific sharper pains...last week I had HORRIBLE sharp burning nipple pain with this boob pain and went to my ND who prescribed the all purpose nipple ointment and probiotics to treat me for thrush (no noticeable symptoms of thrush though)...so the nipple pain subsided and I thought I was in the clear...now today (6 days after initial diagnosis) my nipples are feeling a bit tender again and my boobs are so sore again...and kind of itchy...not my nipples, but my actual breasts are weird and achey and tingly and itchy...

Is this thrush? Is it something else? I should also add that I have cut out all sugar, fruit and processed foods. Why aren't I getting better?

SundayCrepes's Avatar SundayCrepes 11:56 PM 01-22-2009
I've never had thrush, but have known women who've had it. They all said it took a LONG time to get rid of. Do you wash your clothes every time they're warn? I know I've heard of using an apple-cider vinegar rinse (diluted with water.) Maybe start a new thread with the word thrush in it and more people will respond. Or do a search on thrush.
MaryJaneLouise's Avatar MaryJaneLouise 10:58 AM 01-23-2009
Sharp burning pain IS a thrush symptom. You might need something more than just probiotics, like Nystatin or Gentian Violet .

Also, you might need to treat your babe too.

mamarootoo's Avatar mamarootoo 09:53 PM 01-24-2009
ugh... i nursed through about a month of thrush-- no fun try Gentian Violet! you paint it on your nips, and in your DC's mouth... i think it was 1 or 2xday for three days (please don't take my word on this though!) and the symptoms were gone within a week.

nystatin is something like 3x/day for 2 weeks
Mimimamaiam's Avatar Mimimamaiam 11:33 AM 01-26-2009
With my 2nd baby we battled thrush for the first 10 months. It's insidious and it does sound like your symptoms are consistent with it. When it occurred I would alternate between gentian violet and nystatin. The gentian violet can irritate the babies mucus membranes if used all the time.

I believe it's Jack Newman who also suggests a two week course of taking Diflucan 1x day. In the end that's what I had to do to get rid of it.

Here are the other things I did:
washed all my nursing bras in hot water and 1 cup of white vinegar. For bras with a wire I ironed the cup of the bra. The heat kills the yeast.
after each feeding I used syringe to pour a mixture of vinegar and water over the breast.
Acidophilus 3x day
Limit sugar or eliminate.