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My poor little 2 week old boy has been projectile vomiting 1x per day for about 6 days (he didn't the day before yesterday). It is ALWAYS in the late evenings right before we go to bed. He is gaining weight, has lots of poopy and wet diapers, so he is getting milk at his other meals, but there is always the one meal late at night that is causing problems.

I called my dr, and she is having me go on a no milk or soy diet for 2 weeks, which I started 2 days ago. I know it takes some time for milk proteins to leave my body. She said to watch for any decrease in diaper output, but so far that is fine.

Could it be from an overactive letdown, especially on my left side? He coughs and sputters and gasps for breath. He has been a GREAT nurser since day one--he has a very, very strong sucking reflex. I try to burp him, he burps, and is still uncomfortable. He usually has a poop or 2 during this fussy time. Last night for a good couple hours he was stiff--legs kept kicking out, crying a lot. He puked about halfway through. I gingerly fed him again, keeping him upright. He still fussed for awhile, but I managed to keep the rest in him.

Any advice???
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I would first consider whether it seems like reflux (is he arching his back, stretching his neck, appear to be in pain?); then maybe overactive letdown or oversupply (is he gulping a lot of air during letdown? that could cause gas in the belly. are poops green?).

If you think letdown might be the issue, try side-lying nursing--that will let the excess milk run out of the corner of his mouth. Or let it spray into a prefold, then latch when the flow is more tolerable. Good luck.

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Try nursing with him on top of you (you lay on your back, he lays over your breasts). Can you pump for a minute first too - so he doesnt get that forceful letdown?

Is he gaining weight? Pyloric stenosis is another thing to consider - talk to your pediatrician.
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If it's only once a day, I wouldn't worry too much about pyloric stenosis. I would only look into that if it was after every feed or most feeds, or if it seemed to be rapidly getting worse.

Honestly, some kids just puke, as newborns. A lot of babies also fuss a lot with their poops, and have a lot of gas, and are still perfectly healthy and normal. Their digestive systems are still immature. And fussiness in the evening is almost universal for babies in the first few months. Myself, I would maybe try a little more time. My DD1 puked a lot as a newborn-- it would shoot a foot or two away from her mouth. She grew out of it slowly but steadily, and stopped completely when she learned to control her head a bit and could more easily pull away when she'd had enough. I think she was just struggling to control flow.

If baby has begun to gain weight, and not excessively fussy outside of the typical evening fussy hours, and is having plenty of yellow poops, I honestly wouldn't worry a bit about it. Just keep some nice thick absorbent cloths around so you're prepared when it happens.

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First I should mention that I do have an overactive letdown and over supply which I wondered if it was causing the same problem but my story is as follows...
Both my babies did this(Ds vomitted and had bad gas, dd vomitted, cried constantly, diahrrea, eczima all over with red dots). They started around that age and it just got worse. The pedi with my first recomended cutting out dairy, but I didn't do it right (cut out ALL dairy -reading labels right and so forth, and I didn't wait long enought to see results). He went on reflux medicine until 13 months. With dd I learned how to eliminate foods from my diet. She has problems with Dairy, Soy, Eggs and banana. She is a completely different baby when allergen free. If I slip up she starts vomiting, has diahrrea, eczima, hiccups, and crys constantly (there maybe more but I am not remembering right now). I believe ds had similar allergies too which was causing the vomiting and the reflux meds just masked it. I am hoping that dd will out grow this problem hopefully about the same time ds did. So I would say your doctor might be on to something, but make sure you cut out all dairy and soy. It took around 4-6 weeks for dd's reactions to completely dissapear and she get so much better, but was still having some issues so I had to cut out something else (I started with Dairy, then soy, then eggs, only finding banana when dd ate it. The process took about 4 months to find everything she had problems with). It can be tough, but so worth it. I look at dd now and she is so beautiful and healthy. (she would break out in red dots/ eczima all over including her face and I felt so bad about it) People stop me on the street and say she looks like a porcelin doll because her skin is so perfect now. Good luck check out the allergy board here too, there are many women bf and on elimination diets there.
editted to say... As I said though, my babies started around this age vomitting a little and their situation progressed. The vomitted multiple times a day and it became large amounts and it smelled of stomach acid, not just bf spit up. Their are babies that spit up. There are babies who get gas. But I no longer believe that a baby should spit up alot and get alot of gas, because I have seen first hand that it can be caused by the food the bf mother eats.
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