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I've had mastitis 2-3 times and a recurrent plugged duct over the last year of nursing DS. I thought I knew the signs and symptoms of mastitis..for me it was sore/red breast and sometimes accompanied by flu-like symptoms (chills, aches and in a bad case fever like when i had double mast). I've never had to take abx in order for the infection to improve. I chose natural remedies such as rest, lots of nursing, heat, garlic and vit C. I am really against taking abx, but this time I actually tried it b/c it seemed like i wasn't getting any better and b/c i am going to be away from DS for 2 days (pumping) and knew that pumping could make it worse (by not fully draining).
So this time - i started out with aches, chills and low grade fever (99-101) for about 12 hours (99-101). Did have a plugged duct last week (which after MUCH nursing in various positions seemed to be unplugged) and a sore breast over night before I started the abx (Dicloxicillin which i believe is specifically for an infection like mastitis). Only took 2 doses and began to have stomach cramping and diarrhea. I've now had diarrhea and stomach cramping and nausea for almost 24 hours. No more fever or breast pain.

Has anyone had diarrhea with mastitis before, or could it just be from the abx since my body was not used to it (haven't taken abx in about 10 years), i don't plan to take any more of them even though doc would say to take the whole prescription.
Also, i have been reading older threads trying to find any evidence of these symptoms during mastitis (couldn't find any). But did hear several women say their supply was affected negatively during mastitis. Mine never has been that I have noticed, have others had no affect to their supply? I don't need one more thing to worry about

Thank yOU!
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I think your additional symptoms are from the medications. You could try taking a probiotic to help your tummy. Hope you are feeling better!
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I just got a prescription for this antibiotic and on the label it says diarrhea is a sideaffect of the medicine.

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