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leigh09's Avatar leigh09 12:44 PM 10-25-2010
I am finished nursing my last baby and have had low milk supply with all three of my children. I would like to pass on all my remaining herbs to another mom with milk supply issues, as I no longer need them.

I am offering 3 unopened and one partially used bottle of fenugreek, all expiring in 2015. Also one partially used bottle of Goat's Rue, expiring in 2012.

I live in Canada and am not willing to ship to the US as I have had problems ordering herbs across the border. I have had no replies in the free for shipping forum, and hoped I would get better response here.

sattygirl99's Avatar sattygirl99 10:11 PM 10-25-2010
If you'd ship to the US, I'd be all over them! Good luck!!
leigh09's Avatar leigh09 06:12 PM 10-28-2010
These have been taken.