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Originally Posted by AnnieA View Post

Thanks for posting that link to the hands free solution! I need to get better about pumping both sides at the same time and pumping for longer than 10 minutes. Now that DD has had her repair surgery to correct her CHD, she's eating more and I'm burning through my freezer stash! She's eating about 6-8 oz more per day than I'm producing.

I learned about it from a fellow MDC mama myself. :-) It seriously changed my entire outlook on pumping when I first started. Have you checked out the exclusive pumping resources on Excellent information to read over. 


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I've taken up to 16 a day.  Fenugreek is used alot in cooking, so I feel like it's pretty safe to take more than the doseage.

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I agree with what everyone else is saying.  Pumping as frequently as possible. Every 2hours at first.  Once my supply finally started to come in, I would pump after every single feeding.  That way DS had a clean diaper, full belly, and was pretty content if not sleeping.  I would get comfy and grab my lap top.  I made it a rule that the only time I was on the computer was when I was pumping.  Pretty much still do.  Now that I have a great supply in, I pump about 5xs per day.  Sometimes more on how I am feeling.  You sound like me, I had a hard time finding a schedule also.  That's why I just pumped after every feeding...even at night:(  But those night pumps is what really boosts your supply! 



I'm sorry that you are feeling isolated.  When is the lip repair?  My DS had his repair at 5wks and his soft palate repair at 6mo.  It is amazing when you see the difference when they first come out of surgery!  They look completely different (in a good way).  Enjoy that wide smile though while you can!  If you ever want to talk, please PM me.  It is never an easy road to go down.


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I found that my supply really boosted with a combo of frequency and duration of pumping.  I started just by pumping 10 minutes at every feeding, but found that if I waited 20 I'd have another let down and get even more!  So I started pumping myself dry and then add an additional 5-10 minutes - even if nothing was coming out.  I kept the milk in big rubbermaid bottles like this one  that hold about 32oz. (just about a days worth of milk) and freeze any extra.  


By spending a few weeks getting my supply way up, I was able to drastically reduce the frequency of pumps without losing the quantity of milk.  So, while at first I would only get 3-4oz at each pump (pumping 9-12 times a day), after a couple of months I was able to pump only 3-4 times a day and get almost 10-15oz at a time.  It still added up to about 30-35oz a day!  


It helped to get extra sets of pumping supplies - so I had 3 sets of shields, 8 pumping bottles, a battery pack for the pump (so I could move around if needed), and the rubbermaid bottles.  That way I could just pump, pour the milk into it's big container, rinse (if I had time), and go!  No guilt about dirty pump parts and certainly no cleaning at 1am, 3am, 5am...  


I like the Medella pump because the tubes are up top, and I could just use one arm to hold them on and have a free hand to do other things - work the remote, type, steer the car, play with DD...  

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Great tips everyone!


I do have a pumping station set up and keep baby next to me. I think I need a cute basket to put all my supplies in- stuff like that motivates me. Why i don't know, but I like to see things arranged nicely. I cant hold my lil guy because he grabs the tubing lol and even pulled it out.

I got an activity mat that keeps him distracted even if he's hungry.


I tried the hands free rubberband thing and it works only if the rubberband is pulled pretty tight. For some reason the shield on the right side feels  loose sometimes and sometimes leaks. Sometimes fiddling around with hands-free bras, etc annoys me and I'd rather just hold the pumps with one hand. I also massage before and during pumping. The lactation counselor told me to press the letdown button during pumping (not sure after how much time, on Medela symphony) so I press that halfway through and it does increase my output.


I need to make 25 oz for feeding my son and I'm at 15 so it seems doable. How many weeks/days would I have to pump every 2 hours? I'm going to do my best and stop stressing so much about it. I've come a long way- in the beginning I had only half an ounce at a time for a total of 2-3 oz a day. Then I went up to 5-6 oz, then 10 oz, then 15. So its progress and way better than nothing. I admire all of you, pumping is pure dedication!


Montanamom, I will PM  you about cleft surgery, recovery, etc. I love his little cleft lip and kiss it all the time. I hope recovery won't take away from my pumping time and not sure if I should try the around the clock thing now or wait till after the surgery which is just a couple weeks away.

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well, i'm still here. ds turned 30 months old almost 2 weeks ago and i now make about 2 oz a day on a good day. over the span of about 3.5 hrs of pumping time. you see what time it is, almost a quarter after 1 in the morning and i am on my first pump for the day. my latest goal has been to get him through about april with at least a few sips of mama milk to try n help with cold/flu & rsv season- it seems bad this year as lots have had their kids hospitalised with rsv or it and pneumonia combined over the past few weeks. i am still taking fenugreek but i think my body is just telling me it is about done. i've been pregnant, lactating , or both since march of 1999. and i'm certainly not a young mama anymore. shake.gif

Originally Posted by lisamarie1081 View Post


Hi!  I also seem to have low milk supply issues ... I can pump 1 oz every 2 hrs.  But, my son is only 10 days old and I had lots of pitocin, an epidural, and a c-section which all resulted in TONS of edema.  My milk didn't exist two days ago ... I was still making only SMALL amounts of what I guess was colostrum.  DS lost enough weight for us to need to get weight checks daily for two days after being discharged from the hospital.  They suggested we supplement with formula -- 1 oz after each feeding.  That began when he was only 5 days old and now, at 10 days, I feel like he's requiring a lot more now and despite my strongest desire and best efforts at weaning the supplement, I just can't.  He needs to eat.


The reason I'm writing is to ask how the supplementing should ideally be done.  I have been feeding at the breast every 2 hrs, then give 1 oz of formula (just now, had to give 2 because the poor guy is hungry).  When my nipples are worn out, I pump .... should I be mixing the 1 oz prepared formula with the pumped breastmilk?  I've noticed that he gets strong hiccups and alot of indigestion after consuming the formula bottle.  Wondering if there was a better way ...

have you tried using an sns? this way your breasts will receive more stimulation while he nurses, and maybe the milk mixing witht he formula will help some of his digestive upsets? i know some peope mix the two together in a bottle, but i'd be scared of wasting any of the precious mama's milk if it wasn't all drank once mixed with the formula.


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I used to feed the breastmilk separately, but I had a million bottles to wash and he flipped out when i took the first bottle from him to get the second.  I dont' know what an sns is, but I'll check into it.  I'm doing the Mother's Milk Special Blend now and Lactate Support by Gaia Herbs -- one pill each -- eating oatmeal to beat the band and have learned how to maximize my pump amounts using frequent breast compressions and massage.  I also drink a lot more than I was.  I don't have much of an appetite, so I dont' eat a ton ... maybe I'm not eating enough ... I have yet to determine that.   I dont' get much more than I did when I originally wrote this post, but I've learned alot along the way. 

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My supply was tanking and I was freaking out because I was blowing through the freezer stash FAST! I started taking alfalfa in addition to fenugreek and pumping every hour at work. I'm now ahead of her again. I think the alfalfa was the biggest help.

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