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VroomieMama's Avatar VroomieMama 08:35 PM 01-06-2011

I have 7 wks old dd. I can't really explain how much I nurse her but I could easily nurse her for 2 hours with little breaks (maybe 10 minutes) in between during the day. Basically, she's literally always at my breast. During evening, my dd seems to have some consecutive feedings, like if I nurse her then she MAY sleep for 2 or 3 hours then I nurse her again for maybe 30 minutes to an hour. . Her feeding routine has not been established and I hope it will be soon because I love and NEED to have routine. Overnight, feeding her is quite strange, because she doesn't really eat much and I do try my best to wake her up to feed her but whenever I feed her, we both fall asleep quickly, then maybe 20 or 30 minutes later I realized that my nipple would feel some kind of flicker and I would wake up to wake her up to eat again. It would go on almost all night long.  I do know that I have plenty supply because I would check to see if I have enough, milk would squirt when I squeezed my breasts.  Her ped said she latches on just fine and recently, she had her tongue clipped so her latching is not the issue. I'm just wondering why she is ALWAYS  at my breast and I have read from several breastfeeding websites, and they described that I'm at "supply on demand" routine.  So, I'm just trying to figure out how I can find the time to pump to store breast milk and have enough supply for whenever my DH and I have our date night.  I also do have 20 months old dds (twins), my children's godmother do help me out during the day time but it may not last long as she is starting to look for a job and may move out if she needed to to be close to her job.  My DH is very hands on dad and he loves playing with the twins and my 8 yo dd.


During evening,when my 7wks old sleeps a little bit more,  I would take the opportunity to make dinner, tidy up and do some necessary house work. My DH do pitch in with some house work but I prefer him to help out with the kids though. My children's godmother would help by clearing and doing dishes after dinner and sometimes, she would help out watching kids if I needed my DH help with housework.

VroomieMama's Avatar VroomieMama 09:02 PM 01-06-2011