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Nipple permanently stretched? bad latch that can't be fixed/yeast, please read!

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HI - wasn't sure how to best explain, but I could use some help!  I have 2 dds, 2.5 and almost 5, so I've been nursing for about 5 years straight and from only my right side (long unrelated story).  my second dd has always had a horendous latch - a real cliff hanger and also has a maxillary frenulum - all this i realized onlly when i began training to do mom to mom bf support.  also, i have battled yeast for about 4 out of 5 years.  my nipple is soooo stretched - as in long. i am trting to talk to my 2.5yo dd about how to open wide, etc for a better latch but it seems that this better latch is no longer to be had after years of her stretching and pulling on my nipple.  i worry it will never go back, should i ever have another baby (and remember i cannot nurse at all from the other breast).  i guess my main question is - can a nipple be permanently damaged?  i think the combination of bad latch, her stretching and pulling and my skin having constant yeast (which i read can permanently damage skin if it goes on long enough) has lead to a nipple that doesn't work so well anymore.  today she told me she could not get any milk out, though i am getting my period in a few days so i will wait and see.  sorry for the long paragraph - i cant edit or hit "return" on this board tonight.  thanks for reading!rr




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I am not at all an expert on this, but I have understood that yes, a bad latch can permanently damage the breast tissue. My son also has a shallow latch and I have noticed that my nipples are longer these days than they used to be. Also, we had thrush for about 2 1/2 months after he was born. How do you know you still have yeast? My nipples seem fine but I have noticed that lately his tongue has been looking a little whitish. Can you have prolonged yeast without any symptoms or pain...because when I had it the first time it was extremely painful.

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Thanks for the response.  While I no longer have the excruciating  pain from the yeast that I had with my first dd, I still have the itchy, burning, peeling, cracking - you know, the skin discomfort.  But in general the pain has been livable, which is why I think i've "let" it go on so long.  dd has never had any signs in her mouth but i know she is passing it back to me since now we only nurse 1-3 times a day and i can feel the relief when we go longer periods without, and the immediate burning after we then nurse again.i am about to try one last full on assault, in addition to trying to correct her latch which is proving to be easier now that we can really talk about it.



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