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4month old-green,mucousy poop, should I do anything?

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My 4month old baby boy is a happy baby. He nurses well, is not fussy at the breast or after eating, gaining weight well( he weighs 16 lbs). But for the past couple of months his poops have been green and very mucousy, sometimes it looks like green slime. And it doesn't really smell like normal breastfed poop.He also spits u a lot, after every feeding during the day, at night not( we cosleep and I fall asleep right after he latches on). At his two month well visit I asked the pediatrician if I should be worried and she said 'no', that probably this is his normal poo.

Should I try the elimination diet? Or if he's happy then that means he's not hurting and I don't have to change anything?

Please tell me what you all think!


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I am having a similar problem so I'm interested to see what others have to say

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I've never dealt with it personally but I had a neighbor who used to talk to me about it and it turned out to be a dairy allergy. She went off dairy and after a few weeks the baby was back to normal.

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It could be an oversupply issue.  I've never dealt with it personally but have read about it in my LLL book.  My sister-in-law is borrowing it right now, but I know basically when you have too much milk, the baby gets a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance which in turns effects the baby's poop.  There are other things that are common with an oversupply but I'm not sure they would be as consistent with every baby like the poop would be.  I think the best way to deal with this is to just nurse from one side per feeding so the baby is more likely to get the fatty milk.  Pumping the extra milk doesn't really help, as it tells your breasts to just produce more.  The La Leche League website has a lot of info on oversupply if you search it.  Hopefully this helps some.




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today he had some blood in his mucousy poop:(  I have started to eliminate dairy and soy from my diet and his spit ups stopped! they are completely gone!!! but his poop is still the same, and now the blood... it worries me. but he is happy.


Tong2006- i am elready nursing from one breast per feeding( have been since he was born). thanks for the info though:)

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Mucus in the stool is a sign of intestinal injury, most often either from a passing virus (in which case it would appear suddenly, and go away within a week or two) or from food intolerance. Blood in the stool may mean that the irritation to the gut is getting worse. I would take this very seriously, and work on finding the cause. The most usual cause of these symptoms in a breastfed baby (if they've lasted too long to be a virus) would be casein intolerance-- the protein in cow's milk. The other common cause is soy protein.

it can take a while for the offending proteins to clear your system, and for his intestine to heal. I would wait two or three weeks before deciding it isn't working, and looking for another cause. I myself, though, would be consulting with a knowledgeable health care professional, too, just because sometimes we as parents miss things that a health care provider might pick up on.

The green poop from oversupply isn't usually accompanied by blood and mucus, so that wouldn't be my first thought in this case.

My son was casein-intolerant, and still is allergic to soy. He started bleeding early-- at about a week old. By 18 months, he'd outgrown the problems with dairy. I'm so glad I found out what was wrong, and that we could deal with it. Giving up dairy was hard, but it got easier once I started getting used to it. After a few weeks, it became second-nature. Be careful to watch out for hidden dairy-derived ingredients in packaged foods, though. They can hide out under a lot of names.
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Llyra- that you for you thoughts.I'm glad you were able to find out what you little boy was reacting to:)

I am carefully reading every label and cannot believe how often milk and soy show up! They are in everything. Went to whole foods today to get some dairy and soy free bread and snacks. I am so hungry all the time. It was hard for me to stop eating dairy, I love yogurt, cheese and butter. But I love breastfeeding more! I just hope my little guy gets better. I wonder if his sensitivity has something to do with his night wakings also?

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Also, forgot to say, that his poops don't smell like normal breastfed poop. they kind of  smell like vinegar.

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I wouldn't worry too much specifically about the vinegar smell, if that was all it was. My DD2 has the healthiest digestion in the family, and she had vinegar poops all the time, in her nursing years. It's the blood and mucus that sound more concerning, to me.
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Good to know!

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I've been eating coconut yogurt instead of dairy or soy yogurt, maybe you could find some. We have the vinegar smell too..............but after two weeks of no dairy or soy the seeds are back and there is less mucous for us. I also gave up citrus and tomatoes and that seems to have helped as well. I've ordered some soy/dairy free probiotics for the baby and me in the hopes that it will speed the healing process.

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I've eliminated soy and dairy from my diet. His poops are still greenish and mucousy... no blood though.

DS had his 4 month wellness visit a few days ago and I asked his pediatrician if he thinks this is a food allergy/ sensitivity and he said no because he does not have any rashes, his bottom is not red and he is not congested. He said fat in my breastmilk was making the poops to be mucousy. hmm never heard that before.

I will continue with my elimination diet for a few more weeks and if his poops are still the same should I start eliminating more foods??

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Hi, I was just wondering if you ever found anything else out? My 4 mo old is having the same issue- green mucusy poops for 4 weeks. SHe is not sleeping well at night (though she used too!) and she does have congestion and a BAD bum rash :( Dr told me it probably wasn't dairy just b/c there wasn't any blood...though from what I've read, that doesn't seem accurate. Anyway, if your still around, I'd like to hear how things turned out. Thanks

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Another vote for sticking with the elimination diet here - the hind milk / fore milk imbalance is quite common - but the telltale signs there are usually a VERY gassy baby - and 'frothy' green poop - not mucous-y and NOT bloody.  Stick with the no dairy  - and remember , you are looking for 'casein'  - which i know i found recently in my 'dairy free' cheese!  Id bet within the next three weeks you will find it improves. 

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Did you ever figure out what it was? how long it lasted? my 2 mo. old daughter is going through this exact same thing now. 

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