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I'm not sure where to start because I really don't know what started first. My daughter was born via c-section (planned home birth, but she decided to turn footling breech on her due date) 7 weeks ago and we have had a very rough time breastfeeding with little to no support, help, or solutions.

She latched on immediately after being born and seemed to be a good nurser. The hospital's LC watched her latch and suck and everything seemed normal and she ate A LOT and gave us A LOT of diapers so we didn't put much more thought into it.

Eventually at home, I developed a crack on each nipple (left side is right in the middle, right side is at the base) which became incredibly painful. I tried lanolin which didn't do anything, and APNO which makes them feel better but hasn't healed them at all. This started probably around 2 weeks and at this point (7 weeks) they're both big craters of missing tissue. Her latch still looks good and the pain is only brief when she first gets on.

She also clicks throughout most of her feedings. She's been checked for tongue-tie and thrush and both are negative. She seems to click more on the left than the right.

I also have Raynaud's, due to pre-existing crohn's disease, which makes doing anything like cold compresses out of the question. The pain from this isn't a big concern to me because I've accepted that it's just the way it's going to be.

She is still giving me a lot of wet/poo'd diapers (10-12) daily, but her weight gain is slow to say the least, over a pound underweight. This is my biggest concern, and I don't know what could be causing this.


Finally, my supply seems to be out of wack and not adjusting at all. In the morning, I am pouring fountains of extra milk with a super fast flow and by then evening my flow is so slow that she howls in anger at it, which is emotionally devastating for me. From about 6pm til midnight she is on the breast non-stop trying to get as much as she can, and usually very angry. I've considered catching the extra milk in the morning and giving it to her at night, but I'm concerned that introducing a bottle to her at this point is only going to make things worse.


Sorry for such a long post, and thanks to anyone patient enough to read it and offer any help.

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See if any of these sound familiar:







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I'd consider looking again at tongue tie. Both of my sons are TT but my 3 week old has a VERY different TT than my 10yo. The baby has a posterior tongue tie which doesn't look like a typical tongue tie at all. They are often missed by professionals - my midwife missed his but I had it looked at again when I started getting pain and cracking with a 'perfect latch'. Sure enough he was TT. We had it clipped last week and things are very sloooowly getting better.

www.cwgenna.com has a great article on TT with pictures

Good luck figuring it out; wish I had more advice for you.
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I'm writing with support. I also had cracks and scabs that would open with every nursing. The crack on my right nipple was on the base and so deep that I asked my husband (in tears) if he thought that if my right nipple was sheared off I could nurse our baby on only one breast. It was a dark day.

I had her checked by three people for tongue tie - midwife, pedi, LC at LLL. Then I went to another pedi that was recommended by a friend and the nurse in the office took one look and asked how I was even nursing. I had her tt clupped that day - anterior and posterior. She was 8 weeks old.

The cracks have healed. I have a deep, smooth purple scar where the worst one was. I'm still struggling with latch issues, and vasospasms, and am about to post for more help. But -it gets better. She immediately started nursing faster and sleeping longer.

Don't give up, and keep asking!

Lots of empathy, your LO is lucky to have you.
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does she nurse/cosleep with you overnight? and if so, does the clicking stop at that point? 


clicking is a sign of a bad latch. even if it "looks OK". the fact that she clicks and it hurts points to a bad latch. and the deep sores too of course.


what positions are you nursing in? side lying is a great one for early nursing problems. you can switch breasts easily, then just turn over and switch her to the other side and get another two positions by switching breasts. 


lots of milk in the morning would indicate possibly that you aren't nursing a lot overnight. overnight is a great time to feed. you get your best milk, and she can nurse in her sleep. if you have an excess of milk in the mornings could you feed more at that time, and several hours earlier?


if she needs more time to nurse in the early evenings, can you just let her have at it? she is your first? can you just lie down with her and give her the hours to work on building your supply? she might doze off and that's fine too. but just stay with her during those hours?


early nursing is so hard. i had hard times with both of my kids. they were born on the small side and were slow gainers. my second was a spitter too. GERD it turned out.


oh, eat oatmeal late in the day to build your supply for the early evening nursings. like, have it for dinner. lots of it. it works.


in my experience, don't put up with a bad latch. as soon as you hear the clicking, take her off (finger in her cheek gently remove her), reposition her and relatch in a new position.


while i agree that you will have to suck it up and take the pain of the already existing sores (and good for you for accepting that -- lots of moms give up if it hurts), do NOT take the pain of a bad latch, it will only lead to more pain and the sores won't heal well if they keep getting aggravated.


for the pain, use expressed breastmilk on the sores during the times you are not nursing. go topless whenever possible, definitely no bra or constricting top. keep using the lanisol. reapply as often as possible. use it in combination with the breastmilk to heal the sores. make sure you are eating lots of protein and sleep whenever you can to build your energy reserves to speed healing.


but most of all, work on the latch.


best of luck to you!!

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