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baileyb's Avatar baileyb 09:43 AM 02-21-2011

(sorry this might be long and rambly)



I just had my first baby and she is 2.5 weeks old. I had a MAJOR oversupply when my milk came in. I would be sitting crying next to my crying baby and leaking/spraying all over, soaking everything near us, and we'd both be frustrated. But anyway, I started EP-ing about a week ago and have been able to go straight to pumping every 6 hours and getting 4-6 oz on each side, each pumping! Although pumping every 6 hours is working pretty well, LO is starting to change her sleeping habits to sleep later than my first morning pumping time (as in, she wants to sleep until 7 and my first pumping time is at 5:30. And she DOES NOT like being woken up or moved to her crib at this time in the morning mecry.gif) I would like to go to pumping 2 times a day and then nursing her at night so we can both get more sleep and have our sleep more synchronized (and stop driving daddy nuts with our fussiness in the morning).


I guess my question is: If I try to go back to nursing at night, will I still have to deal with one breast leaking all over our bed again while she is nursing on the other side? If it does, will it eventually adjust and stop leaking? Has anyone had success with pumping and nursing combination?


Right now I pump at 5:30 am, 11:30 am, 5:30 pm, and 11:30 pm. I am wanting to go to nursing through the night up til her 7 am wake up and then pump at 11:30 am and 5:30 pm.


I hope that makes sense!! Major lack of sleep and coffee deprivation!



PatioGardener's Avatar PatioGardener 10:53 AM 02-21-2011

hug2.gif It is so hard with a newborn! I had massive over supply too, so I understand.


Before I share my experiences, tips or tricks, let me ask you a few questions that will help me to know what info to share. Why did you decide to pump exclusively? Would you be interested in breastfeeding exclusively? Does baby still take the breast?

baileyb's Avatar baileyb 11:03 AM 02-21-2011

I'm not really sure why I thought EP-ing would be best, honestly, but it did help with engorgement and lowered my supply so that my breasts are actually soft for 5 of the 6 hours between pumping times. I did just try to nurse LO after posting and she seemed relieved to have her booby back (and booby seemed glad to have her back) but since it had been about 5.5 hours since I last pumped I had a gush of let down. I'm going to try again at the breast when she wakes up and is hungry again (probably 2 hours-ish). I would be interested in EBF, it just seemed impossible with so much supply going everywhere and her getting sprayed in the face.

PatioGardener's Avatar PatioGardener 12:00 PM 02-21-2011

If you are interested in EBF, then I have lots and lots of tips that may help, because I went through the same thing! I just wasn't sure what you were looking for.


Baby is fussing so I will write a few things and then come back later.


1) position - I found it really helped to nurse my DS lying down (both of us) OR to nurse with my reclined on my back (45 degree angle?) and him 'sitting' up sort of laying on my tummy/chest. Like in these pics:


2) Taking baby off when let down gushes - I just leaked into a burp cloth for a min or 2 and then relatched baby on.


3) really good disposable breast pads. I used lansinoh and LOVED them. I had reusable ones and they just could not cope. Once I got good pads I still leaked but I didn't make everything wet! Also, at night I wore a camisole or comfy nursing bra so that the other side could still have a pad. That kept the bed drier.


Try reading this too: I used block feeding as well. More about that later.


EPing is, I have been told, a PIA, so I always encourage mamas to feed from the breast if they can. Hang in there and good luck!

baileyb's Avatar baileyb 12:22 PM 02-21-2011

Thanks for the info, thus far! I just nursed her and it went well. It gushed for a moment and she coughed and sputtered but then she fed comfortably for a good amount of time, then fell asleep. The other side did leak at first but then only had a few drips after a moment. Hopefully it will keep going smoothly now, especially at night.

triskelion's Avatar triskelion 12:43 PM 02-21-2011

Hi, I'm an EPer myself so I can give you some tips from that side of things. First, if you are going to EP long term, you will need to do it more often. I know that you have a great supply now, but you are still in the immediate postpartum glory days when your supply isn't really established. Most EPers need to do it 8-12 times a day in the first 12 weeks to maintain the supply long term and keep up as your LO needs more. People with great supplies like you (I'm one of them) can do it 6 times a day at first but that's pretty much the bare minimum and even that can be flirting with disaster. You need to use the pump to mimic how often a baby at that age would nurse and newborns nurse a lot more than 2 times a day. EPing can be a PITA and a lot of women who do it end up quitting before they'd want to. If your LO takes to the breast, I'd really encourage you to find a livable solution for you with breastfeeding. It seems like you've found a good solution for now (and believe me, I know how relieving it is to find ANYTHING that works with your LO, especially in the early days) but it's really not sustainable over time because your supply will crash with pumping that infrequently.