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I have a two week old Baby who just does not seem to be able to keep up with my fast let down, she seems to be literally drowning in the milk she gets, choking coughing the time it would calm down she has swalloed so much air and is so frustrated that I can hardly get her to finish her meal..ugh!!


My ds 15 months, was able to keep up with it he struggled a bit when he was very litle but he ate a lot she seems to be much more gentle, and eats a bit less, she soon after each meal, no matter how much I make her burb gets bad hic ups that get her all fussy and then she seems to be bothered by a tummy ache, she is my third child, I am really exhausted and do not know what to do to help our bf relationship, as I do not want her to have formula :((((((((


Any ideas, help!!

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great ideas here. what have you tried already? will post more later.

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I had an oversupply problem when my baby was smaller.  He couldn't keep up with the spray of the milk, and oversupply meant that he was getting too much foremilk, and thus had gas pains etc.  It was a difficult time, but I was able to correct it by:

pumping off both breasts ONCE at the onset, then only feeding on ONE breast per feeding, for the next two or three feedings or so.  This lets the other breast fill and trigger the reduction of milk (because you need to reduce the FOREmilk being produced).  Then I would feed off of the next breast for the next two or three hours or so, letting baby nurse on demand that one side, however much he liked.  This way he would get the hind milk, get as much milk as he needed, and not have gas, be fussy, etc.

I also found that some foods (that are galactagogues) would make it worse.  So don't drink any milk maid tea, etc. 

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Can you feel when your milk is about to letdown? If you can feel when your milk lets down - or when she starts to get big mouthfuls - pull her off and letdown into a cloth diaper or soft towel, until the spray is done. Relatch her and try again, she should be able to control the flow a but better once the pressure is off.


Secondly, have you tried block feeding? That will help calm down your oversupply, plus it may help calm her tummy. Feed her from the same breast for every feed up to 2 or 3 hours, then switch breasts. If you don't see results, try extended the blocks of time that you feed from the same breast. The link from a previous poster ^ explains block feeding really well.


Finally - what SAVED our breastfeeding relationship: Baby led latch. This really helped with my oversupply and a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. All you do is place your baby between your breast when he shows hunger cues and he will choose a breast by moving towards that breast and nipple. My DS used to literally LAUNCH himself towards the breast he wanted. I was literally SHOCKED at how he knew exactly which one he wanted, how he seemed random in his choice but was completely even in his feeds. Babies are so intuitive about breastfeeding, trust your baby to make the choice and you will see results!

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I would literally have to nurse laying down on my back. I would sit up and have baby latch on, then recline with a pillow under my head and under my arm. It worked. I also did the block feeding to slow my milk production, one breast every 2-3 hours, but eventually had to pump because it was so low.

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DS showed all the signs of struggling with an overactive letdown but it turned out to be posterior tonguetie and other I can only suggest you see an LC if you can't get things straightened out soon!

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