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nikkijames's Avatar nikkijames 12:02 PM 12-29-2011

My 11 month old is getting his 1 yr molars :( He has been nursing all. night. long. I had a moderate oversupply the first 6 months and it seems like it's back from the increased nursing. I have a clogged duct, I think and some painful engorgement. He's not just comfort nursing- he's getting so much milk his diaper has leaked a couple of times (we co-sleep). Anyway, I don't want to get mastitis (btdt). Should I be pumping that side, or will that just make me produce more? I should know this but I am exhausted from him nursing 10 times a night!

possum's Avatar possum 07:19 AM 01-12-2012

I would not encourage more production by pumping.  Have you tried block nursing to steady your supply? 


nikkijames's Avatar nikkijames 05:01 PM 01-12-2012
He managed to clear it thanks! He's still nursing a lot and getting a lot of milk, and also eating a lot of solids. I think maybe it's a growth spurt. He's also really active and learning to walk, so he burns a lot of calories!
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