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xposted in Health and Healing

Hi all,

I've suspected a dairy sensitivity in my DS 10weeks.  He's had HORRIBLE spit ups (pedi said he's got a bit of reflux), chronic stuffy nose and some gas/constipation issues.


I halted all major dairy 4 days ago  I have cheated and had a couple of cookies and slices of banana bread over these days.  (I am weak).  I WAS eating a ton of dairy - yogurt, cheese, milk, etc daily.  Lots of ice cream too.  All that is gone now.  And... I cannot believe it, but DS has not had a major spit up at all today!  Sure, he had a tiny dribble here and there, but NOTHING like before. 


i just find it hard to beleive that my avoiding dairy could've made a difference so quickly.  Is it possible or just coincidence?  Either way I will continue to stay off dairy and yes, I really will be better about the baked goods, I swear.


Anyone been there done that?  Opinions?




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Totally possible.  If you're not convinced, you can always go back on dairy to see if the reflux returns.  I hope you and baby are doing well  It can be really hard to go off of foods you love and rely on, but IME it is totally worth it when your baby is well and happy.



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After 3 months of nonstop screaming and very long, sleepless nights I figured out my son had a dairy sensitivity.  I believe he was more allergic to it because he got the red rash across his forehead, cheeks and around his ears.  I actually had him tested for allergies later that year because every time I tried to reintroduce milk, he'd become a collicy mess again!  The tests all came back negative but as a breastfeeding mom who lived with him, I knew it had something to do with the milk.  If you're noticing that much of a difference I would definitely say it would be a sensitivity.  Try cooking with rice milk (alos soy milk, almond or hemp can be substituted) so you can still enjoy your snacks and not bother your DS!

My pediatrician told me my son had reflux and asthma, which really bothered me...but low and behold once I cut the dairy all that improved. :)  Good luck!

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Definitely!  Most doctors (and allergists) don't deal with food sensitivities and intollerance (it is usually mediated by a different immunoglobulin, and thus doesn't cause anaphalaxis) and thus don't know much about it.  Or, you could even meet a doctor like I did that swore there was no such thing!  Yah, right.


So, my experience is that while it can take 6 weeks plus to really start healing, my daughter was a whole new baby within days and at one week I did a dairy trial with cheese and that sent us straight back in to three nights and two days of screaming.  We were sold! 


If this isn't a true allergy, then I would study up on milk protein intolerance as opposed to lactose intollerance.  Lactose is naturally occurring in breastmilk so if they aren't reacting to the milk but what goes through you and into it, it is likely a milk protein issue, not a milk sugar issue.  One thing to watch out for is that a large percentage of babies with milk protein intolerance actually have milk-soy protein intolerance.  My daughter's reactions to each were completely different, but both were obvious in their own way.  Of course it took two more babies and our 4th pediatrician (we had moved) to really figure it all out. 


Yes, the diet can be extremely difficult when you're not used to going off foods that you love.  When my third baby was born and we'd finally figured it out, I joined a support/information group called "kids with food allergies" and while it cost something like $15/year, all I needed was the first few months and it was so worth the money not to be totally alone and to get food and recipe ideas! 


There are two tidbits I'd share, though.  The first is that if you're really having dairy cravings, I would do a trial with RAW dairy...milk, cheese, butter.  A lot of people who cannot tolerate processed dairy can process raw dairy.  The other tidbit is that the majority of children outgrow their intolerance.  I found that my oldest two didn't outgrow their intolerance until we had completely desensatized them to it when my 3rd was born and we'd finally figured out it wasn't lactose intolerance.  After they'd been off all dairy and soy (and I mean ALL) for 6 months, they had no proglems slowly adding "normal" foods back in.


Best of luck!

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Thanks so much for the reply!

My baby just got better and better as far as the gas went and he even started pooping daily!  His spit ups really declined as well.  Congestion was gone.  And then I tested it with one delicious dish of ice cream, and bam!  No poop again for 3 days, gas was back and major spit ups again. He pooped yesterday again and also today. Yay!  Hoping he's back to daily poops. 


I've heard that some doctors say it is impossible as you heard too, but I'm sorry, this is just far too coincidental to not be real. 


I am actually doing okay with the no-dairy so far but only b/c I found "So Delicous Coconut Milk" coffee creamer.  It is the ONLY reason I am able to do so well w/ no dairy.  I'd die w/out my half-decalf morning ritual and rice milk was just not cutting it.  My husband also got me a few cookbooks from the library and I found a pretty decent cupcake-like recipe.  While it is difficult to turn down certain treats, I swear I have more energy myself.  I'm liking how I'm feeling, I must admit. 


I have not been avoiding hidden soy at all.  Hmmm.... the baby will be going to daycare 3days/week next week and I'd planned on supplementing my pumping with dairy-free formula (which usually means soy).  *Having a hard time pumping w/ the 2 year old on my case.  I will have to look into the soy now.  Thanks for the info!




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