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Kaitlyn811's Avatar Kaitlyn811 02:57 PM 01-21-2012

Hello (: I'm new to this area of the forum.


I just recently gave birth to a baby girl on 1/18 and she's a heathly 9 lbs 6 oz. But we're having some issues...


She is awful about latching on, so I broke a 'cardinal rule' and pumped and gave her a bottle. This won't be an unusual occurence however since I have a class on Saturdays and I'll be gone 5-6 hours. But it's gotten to the point where I just pump and give her the bottle because of how distressed she gets, I feel like a terrible mother. Is there anything I can do about it? I do the football hold nearly every time I try breastfeeding as this is easier because my breasts are so large and heavy it's difficult to 'manuever.'


Also, is she eating too much? She's 3 days old now and based on the bottle feedings she's had (has had only 4 bottles so far) she's eating roughly 2 ounces of milk at a time, and from what I've read that's a LOT for a 3 day old baby.


Next issue, soiled and wet diapers - there's a lack of them today and it's making me incredibly worried. She had a small small stool at 11 PM yesterday. And last time she had a urine was at 8 am this morning, possibly one at 3 pm but if it was was very small amounts.


Is it time to call the hospital? Or am I being an overly worried new mom? When should I start to worry?


She does burp sometimes after feedings, and I hear tummy noises which I assume mean she's digesting. Is it possible I'm not getting enough fluids or something that leaves my milk less than perfect and her needing more? Maybe my nipples are the problem?


I could ask a million questions...but someone please try to help this new mama out (:

lovebeingamomma's Avatar lovebeingamomma 04:21 PM 01-21-2012

Try a nipple shield, this will make the latch much easier (because it's like a bottle nipple), and then you can wean her off of it later.  They sell them at Babie's R Us.  And yes you sound like a little overly worried but that's normal! Breastfeeding is often difficult in the beginning, but you'll get the hang of it don't worry :)  If you're overly concerned about her weight (although if she's drinking up those bottles she's probably fine), than bring her to her pediatrician, the hospital once your discharged is only for emergencies.  And please call a lactation consultant to come help you if you're still having trouble in a few days.  Congrats on your baby! 


One more tip, make the environment comfortable for you and baby.  Lay In bed, prop up pillows, low light, no noise, get her down to her diaper and cover her up nice and warm on your bare chest.  Skin to skin bonding can really calm a baby down and help her focus just on nursing.  

Megan73's Avatar Megan73 05:42 PM 01-21-2012
Congratulations on your new babe!
I'm sorry you're struggling. It's so tough being a first-time mom and trying to get this little person to eat when you're both learning. Hang in there.
I can understand why you'd be worried about the lack of wet and dirty diapers. In the first week, newborns should be having one wet diaper and one stool for every day of life. This is a good link from
I second the suggestion to talk to an IBCLC.
If that's not in the budget, you could call a LLL leader:
I would really hesitate to use a nipple shield without hands-on advice from someone knowledgeable. It can reduce the amount of milk baby transfers - which is one of your concerns already - and hurt your supply.

lovebeingamomma's Avatar lovebeingamomma 06:28 PM 01-21-2012

You could also get some cheap cloth diapers at BRU to see if she's really peeing, it can be tricky to tell with disposables.

eayeary's Avatar eayeary 11:29 AM 01-24-2012

If you want to make the drive I guarentee it'll be worth it.  I am in Akron, Ohio and know a woman named Elizabeth Studor who owns a small store called The Breastfeeding Center in Masillon, Ohio.  It's $30 for her to help you latch and learn the best ways to work with your daughter.  You can weigh the baby before and after the feeding to see how much she is getting each time.  Every time after that $30 fee is free and you're always welcome to weigh before and after.  She also has new mommy groups, breastfeeding groups and multiple children groups.  She is absolutely wonderful and very helpful.  She helped me obtain my hours needed for a Lactation Specialist course I needed so I've seen her in action numerous times. 

Aside from that when you give a baby a bottle s/he doesn't have to work for the milk like at the breast so try either a slower nipple or not giving her/him a bottle at all.  A lot of babies go on nursing strike if they know they can get fed a lot faster.


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