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DesertSunsets's Avatar DesertSunsets 09:04 PM 02-20-2012

Hello all, 


I'm new to this forum, so if my post is incorrectly placed please forgive me and guide me to where I should be! 


Mostly I post in the Queer Parenting forums, but I wanted to venture over here because my wife is pregnant with our first and we are hoping to both breastfeed.  Two years ago I had a breast reduction surgery and the surgeon did know that I wanted to be able to breastfeed in the future, so I'm hoping maybe that'll work in my favor.  


I'm seeing my doctor on Wednesday morning about inducing using the Newman-Goldfarb induction protocol.  (Birth control + domperidone, then stop BC and begin supply herbs while pumping and continuing the dom.)  

Anybody... have anything that could help?  Anyone done anything like this?  Suggestions specific to BFAR?  


Thanks in advance for advice, support, whatever you got, I'm thankful.  

possum's Avatar possum 12:12 AM 02-21-2012

Sounds like you are on the right track for inducing lactation.  Good luck, mama!

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