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  I decided to join here to try and get some answers  because I am at my wits end.  I am trying to see if I could have IGT.  I'm in Spain and finding help here is  a little difficult so I decided to come ask those who would know from first hand experience. 

I had my second child about 11 days ago. My first was born 2 1/2 years ago. He was weaned about 2 1/2 months ago. Only sucked morning and night while in bed. From the first time I  brought him home from the hospital I had trouble with milk.

    His was a difficult birth and I had to be induced twice after my water broke. I was given pain meds and it was a vaginal birth. He sucked at the breast 10 minutes after birth and slept in my bed in the hospital. At two weeks old he had only gained 60 grams and the doctor told me to supplement. As most of you know with low breast milk I was feeding him 20 out of 24 hours. I did everything I could think of to increase supply. Including Motilium. I did not use goat's rue as I could not get it here. Anyway, I ended up quitting everything at 2 months and using only an SNS (which I started using when he was a month old.) that I rigged myself using a tube and a bottle. He ate like that for about a year. All the time. He didn't supplement at night. Didn't need to. We coslept and he ate from me.

    Anyway, I weaned him when I was around 7 months pregnant since I didn't want any problems with the new baby. My milk never dried up it just changed to colostrum around my third trimester and I never got my period until I cut down feedings to twice a day (after a year). I tried to give him the booby today (he keeps asking for it and sticking his hand down my shirt) and he seems to have forgotten how to use it. :)

 Anyway, as was the case with my first child, my breasts didn't really change during pregnancy. I got really sore, dark nipples  and the big veins and they might have grown a bit. I wear loose bras. Otherwise nothing. Hers was an an easy birth. I was medicated for pain. She took the breast around 20 minutes afterwards and slept with me in the hospital and ate fine. I knew she was doing something as the uterine contractions hurt like hell and I bled after every feeding. Day 3 my milk came in and we left the hospital. On that day I noticed that she was crying a lot and always wanted to feed. I told the nurses about my past problems but no one seemed to worry or take me seriously. They just squeezed my nipple and said "There's your milk. Everything is fine".  I started the SNS that day for fear that she would lose weight and get dehydrated. That first week I was supplementing around 30 Ml a day. And she was wetting enough diapers. 

   I don't use the SNS often. I am currently giving about 100 ML a day (yesterdays count). And I think that might be too much as she sleeps too long. I'm only counting when I remember.  I'm pumping after almost every feed, double pumping and pumping while she feeds. Trying to supplement with what I get from myself. Yesterday I got about 145 Ml. I can sometimes pump 30 ML from both breasts combined after she has fed. I'm on the motilium 90Mg for 3 days. And goat's rue, shatavari and alfalfa are in the mail. I know that there has been an icrease from when my son was born. The most I could pump at a month with him was 60 ML a day.

 Oh, and she sleeps most of the night. Next to me. Doesn't want to feed. Eats at the most twice from one breast at a time.  Should I get up and pump at night to help with supply? I think this might actually hurt me some as prolactin is it's highest at night.

  My breast tingled the first week (which was a new sensation) and my breasts actually ache after I feed her, pump and when I hear her cry (which is also new to me). Oh, and they itch like crazy when I feed her. When I squeeze my nipple for milk I notice some comes out through the areola. I checked and all of these are normal sensations regular breastfeeding mothers have.

  My breasts are pretty normal looking. Around a 34B. They don't look tubular to me. They are rounded, specially when I am cold. They are sensitive. They did grow during puberty. And they don't look like they are widely spaced. They do have a lot of stretch marks but that is from growing, weight gain, etc. I don't think I have thyroid problems or PCOS as i don't have any of the sypmtoms and I had no problem getting pregnant.
 Anyway, that is my story.

  One of my questions would be regarding my breast changes during pregnancy are those the same that you had? What kind of breast changes, not just in size, did you get?

 What breast changes did you have while breastfeeding? What feelings did you have in your breasts?

 And lastly, for now at least, did anything in my story stick out as being different from someone who has IGT?  Like being able to pump milk after a long feeding.

 I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with me.  I don't fit the mold for IGT but who knows?  My mom was a size A and she fed 3 kids with an oversupply that lasted 10 years. I want to know whether I should keep up hope for the first few months like I did with my son or just SNS her all the time.  This is so depressing. Luckily I'm not good at depression.

  Sorry for the long post. Better to be clear about everything. And sorry if it's a little confusing and badly written. I am the epitome of walking exhaustion.



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To be perfectly honest, I don't have any advice for you except to offer you my (somewhat similar) story:


I was unable to fully breast feed, and when weighed before and after a 30 minute feeding, they'd only gained 5  (1 teaspoon).  I am currently pregnant with my third, and I am working with an acupuncturist, and I am going to try domperidone immediately after birth on my midwife's recommendation.


I also have almost no symptoms of insufficient glandular tissue (except the stretch marks).  No one has been able to provide any answers for me. 


*hugs* and best wishes!!!

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