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katiewr's Avatar katiewr 03:12 PM 03-02-2012


My 11 mo-old daughter is weaning herself right now. I also have an almost 3-yr-old. When he began weaning at the same age, I noticed small red bumps/rash that looked almost like chicken pocks on my body. It started on my abdomen, but progressively spread to my underarm, groin, shoulders and thighs. The less he nursed, the more I broke out in the rash. It wasn't itchy or too bothersome, just unsightly. I went through a round of steroid cream, which worked a little, but rash always came back. The rash didn't totally clear until I became pregnant again about 7 months later. 
Now with my daughter, it's the exact same thing. Same timing. Same breakout. The less she nurses, the worse it is for me. 
Anyone ever heard of this? I previously saw a dermatologist, who ruled it as an allergy fragrance. I KNOW that isn't the case. I'm convinced it is due to the weaning and perhaps hormonal changes. 
Any tips? Suggestions? Should I go back to the derm? Or the OB? Allergist? 
Thank you!


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