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I don't even know where to start. I knew I wanted to solely breastfeed when my baby was born. At the hospital I received help from the LC but baby was too sleepy to latch on. Prior to our discharge from the hospital the doctors and nurses scared me saying she had lost too much weight and I would have to start supplementing with formula. At home baby was still sleepy I was having latching issues and baby would not want to drink from bottle either. The day of our first pediatrician appt. I was in tears because baby had lost even more weight.


Things started to look up however, I was pumping my breasts, feeding baby both breast and formula from the bottle and I would also have her latch onto my breast and feed. I would store my breast milk in the fridge to heat up for later. But this was when my baby was only drinking 2 oz at a feeding. Eventually my breast milk supply could not keep up with her appetite. I was feeling miserable during my breast pumping sessions seeing how little breast milk I was producing after pumping for 30 min to and hour at each breast.


After a while I stopped breast pumping as baby started to get the hang of latching on. But I was still supplementing with formula. She did at times prefer breast milk over formula and she also like to nurse for comfort. I felt happy that my baby was showing interest in breast feeding. But now about 2 weeks ago she started sucking her thumb and I have noticed that this is around the same time she has started to show less interest in breast feeding. It has gotten to the point where she cries hysterically when I try to breastfeed her. I soothe her so that she will calm down and try to offer the breast again but she starts crying. Then I give up and offer her the bottle and she chugs the formula right away :[


I have not had a "real" breast feeding session with her in almost 2 weeks and I am afraid that my milk supply is going to dry out. I feel sad because I get criticism from my mother in law who says she solely breast fed until her son was one year old. My husband doesn't seem to be supportive saying that I give her more formula than breast and I feel like I have failed... I feel especially sad that my baby now acts as through breast feeding is torture for her when once she found so much comfort from it. 


I tried using the breast pump last night and it was pitiful... I didn't even produce a third of an ounce from both breasts! This is where I starting doing some research online... I found our about supplemental nursing system as well as a galactogogue from MotherLove. I don't know if I will be able to get an adequate breast milk supply or if my baby with start latching on again to the breast like before. At this point she is obviously preferring the ease of the bottle over my breast which right now can't seem to provide enough milk for her... I feel so lost. I purchased the Medela supplemental nursing system and More Milk Special blend capsules from Mother Love which seem to have good reviews on Amazon... I hope this will work.


I also read about Relactation, which gives me hope. My breast do still have milk as when I manually express them, milk is evident. However my breasts don't feel full like before and I never have to wear breast pads anymore because they don't leak. 


Does anyone have a similar experience? Anyone use a SNS before and did it help? What about galactogogues?

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I can't offer you any advice as I have not been in your position - sorry!  The forums here can be a bit slow, but I'm sure someone will have some helpful advice for you soon. Big hug2.gif and I hope you get through this soon!

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I have used the SNS system with good results.  It seems to help when moms have low milk supplies and babies who demand more milk RIGHT NOW.  


It is common to not pump much milk but be able to feed the baby much more.  Your body may not allow your milk to "let down" much to a machine.  


Have you tried hand expression?  See this link: .  I know several people who had great luck with hand expression when they were not able to get much with a pump.


Good luck!

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Originally Posted by rnra View Post


It is common to not pump much milk but be able to feed the baby much more.  Your body may not allow your milk to "let down" much to a machine.  


yes! I pumped when ds was little as I wanted to build a freezer stash but it actually made me kind of depressed! I never got very much milk...and then i'd get stressed out about my supply and then I'd get even less milk when I pumped next time. It was not helpful so I stopped.

I know being stressed and upset seriously reduces how much milk you'd produce while pumping. try try try to be calm and think happy thoughts as you pump - it will probably help.

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OMG! I feel my self talking in this post!!!!!

Same happend to me and my baby.. She couldn't latch on when I had abundant milk and she wasn't getting enough feeding, so obviously, and against my will, I resorted to formula... What happend next is that breast feeding became torture for my baby!!!

She would become hysterical whenever I try to breast feed her...My milk started to dry up and my baby was about three weeks old :-(

I tried every possible way to pump or breast feed her and increase my milk supply but with no success...she just hated breast feeding!!!

Now if you are asking for advice all I can tell you is this:

"Breast feeding is wonderful. Formula can never replace ur milk or the love or emotions breast feeding provides...But you shouldn't make it the center of your and your baby's life. Don't stress over it and don't listen to what wise ppl tell you.. I made this choice and as you can see in my picture my naughty 7 months old girly is doing great!!! After all you are your baby's mom and you are the one who cares most about baby.. formula might not be your first choice, but it isnt really that bad.. And the important thing is that YOU know that breastfeeding was your first (unfortunately) unreachable of luck and enjoy your life with your baby..

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Maybe this will be helpful?

Jamie, DW to Jeff, birth and postpartum doula and Hypnobabies instructor.
4 years and 5 IVF cycles in the making, Elliott was born at home in water on 2/2/11.
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Breastfeeding Challenges

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