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juliasafar's Avatar juliasafar 02:37 PM 05-08-2012

Hi everyone,


I've been consistently and exclusively breastfeeding, and I got my period almost exactly 6 weeks postpartum. I'm now at 11 weeks postpartum and have already had three menstrual cycles total, with 9 days between the first and second periods and 11-13 days between the second and third ones. 


I've been drinking a cup of red raspberry leaf tea daily for the past 20 or so days, and that cured the spotting that was occurring between periods.  


I've been considering taking Vitex or using natural progesterone cream. I used natural progesterone to regulate my cycles before getting pregnant. Does anyone know if either of these suppresses or otherwise affects milk supply? 


Any advice on these remedies, or any other advice on how to get my cycles to be further apart?




MichelleZB's Avatar MichelleZB 06:19 PM 05-08-2012

This happened to me! I would suggest first trying nature's best remedy: time. They say it can take your hormones some time to get back to normal, and that periods can be wonky for a few months.


I got my period at 7 weeks postpartum, and then had a full period every 16 days four times in a row. WTF. But it seems like things are gradually spreading out a bit for me, and it's very likely they will for you, too.


I'd say give it a few months, and if it's still that frequent, then you can see a doctor about it.

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