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Ruby2's Avatar Ruby2 02:06 PM 07-07-2012

I've been working to reduce my oversupply for about 3 weeks and had great results from block feeding. This past week, my 7 week old ds seems to have starting showing symptoms of silent reflux (hoping to get him to the Dr. on Monday). He is in obvious pain, then wants to comfort nurse. He gulps milk for a while, then crying again, over and over until he falls asleep. He will only stay asleep if I wear him in the sling. He has occasional breaks when he returns to my happy, smiley baby, but not often in the last 2 days.


Problem #1 is that I am hugely engorged from all of these short nursing sessions. I have a plugged duct and see no way to unplug it other than pumping, which I know will only increase my supply. Problem #2 is that many short nursing sessions are supposed to be good for reflux, but I have no idea how to lower my supply enough so that he is getting any hindmilk whatsoever, while also solving the plugged duct problem. He sleeps for long stretches at night and in the sling, and when he wakes I'm so engorged. I've been trying to pump just a little to slow the forceful letdown, but it doesn't seem to be helping.


Help! Any advice? I SO wish I didn't have to deal with this on top of the complete stress from his nonstop crying and obvious pain!


Thanks for your help.

cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 11:11 AM 07-09-2012

Have you tried the hot shower and soapy massage thing? That always helped me with plugged ducts. I think you'll need to get the plugged duct resolved however you can before working on your oversupply. Have you tried contacting an LLL leader for help? That would be my best advice. smile.gif