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NicMom's Avatar NicMom 02:59 PM 07-21-2012

My DS has had green mucusy poops for weeks now and isn't gaining weight.  He has always been a snacker and will generally eat through just one letdown then fall asleep to the point where I can't wake him.  He will then be hungry an hour later.   I have breast implants so often have a hard time getting a letdown and concerns about supply. A second letdown don't usually happen unless I let him sleep suck on the boob.  He will get too frustrated at not getting another letdown and give up or go to sleep.  Late afternoons are rough in that my breasts often feel empty and I can't get a letdown.  I massage as much as I can down prior to and during letdown to get as much into him as possible but still think he isn't getting enough hindmilk.  I have also cut out most allergens just to be sure it isn't that.


I tried block feeding in 1.5 hour increments but that only seemed to decrease my supply and his poops stayed the same.  I had to start supplementing as he hadn't gained weight in 6 weeks.  I'm not sure what to do now.  What else can I try?


Sometimes he will stay awake and I might be able to get a second letdown but I have massaged all of the milk out and he gets so frustrated I have to switch breasts.


Any thoughts?



LilMomma83's Avatar LilMomma83 07:10 PM 07-21-2012

Green mucusy poops really sound like allergies...what have you eliminated and for how long?


Have you tried supplimenting at the breast (with a Medela SNS or Lactaid) to encourage him to keep suckling which should increase supply?

NicMom's Avatar NicMom 09:18 AM 07-22-2012

I have cut out all dairy June 15.  Cut out all nuts and eggs June 27.  He had a stool that was yellow but still mucusy July 2-5, then it went green again.  Tried block feeding the week of July 10 and then elimination diet (only apples, oats, elk, sweet potatoes and refined avocado oil) July 16.  July 17 he had an orange, half seeded/half mucusy stool and then back to green mucusy on July 18.  Still no change and no weight gain by July 20 so started supplementing with Alimentum (about 4 oz/day).  His stool yesterday was tan but still mucusy. 


I am thinking I will see if the mucus goes away in the next few days while I continue the elimination diet.  If it does, will start storing up the milk I pump in the morning and use that to supplement instead of the Alimentum and see what his stool does. 


This is so frustrating.  If he hasn't gained weight by this coming Tuesday I don't know what to do.  I am supplementing after all of his non-nap feeds as much as he wants.

LilMomma83's Avatar LilMomma83 07:47 PM 07-22-2012

I think it sounds smart to stick with the elimination diet a bit longer too and see how baby does...if his poos get better you know it is allergies. Then maybe you could start introducing things one at a time...


I never did a TED, but, I did find out I needed to aboid dairy, soy, gluten and corn for my daughter to have normal poo and gain weight..also took away her diaper rash and hives and excessive sweat, reflux.

NicMom's Avatar NicMom 08:27 PM 07-26-2012

I never thought I would be happy to find something wrong with my son, but he has a posterior tongue tie.  It explains why he gained weight so well at first when my supply has really high and he didn't have to nurse effectively.  Also, why things got better when I went off dairy but then started getting worse - my supply had dropped to the point were it wasn't compensating for his latch.


I never had any pain on nursing but turns out I have a REALLY stretchy nipples and a high pain tolerance.  Otherwise we probably would have caught it sooner. 

LilMomma83's Avatar LilMomma83 08:49 PM 07-26-2012

Excellent! Are you getting the help you need to get it revised? Are you aware to do bodywrok before and after and are you aware of the proper methods for stretching post revision? Are you a member of the facebook group Tongue Tied Babies Support Group?


My babe had a PTT too