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SBradbury's Avatar SBradbury 02:22 PM 07-27-2012

DD will be 3 next month and DS is 3 months. DD nurses typically when waking, before nap, and before bed. I started with oversupply issues. DS would gulp/gag and then open his mouth to dump tons of milk back out at me. I went to block feeding DS switching him sides after DD nursed and emptied a breast. I thought things were leveling out but they seem to be getting worse. DD has decreased the time she is latched but still just mainly those 3 nursing times. DS continues to gulp/gag at the breast but now has started refusing it, he has found his thumb and will usually prefer that or a paci to being at the breast. He is still spitting up a lot (we soak about a dozen prefolds a day). He clicks and unlatches often during a feeding. I often have to be moving to convince him to stay latched. If DD doesn't nurse I get horribly engorged and need to pump for comfort/leaking plus I need to pump some of it before I can latch him or he instantly spits it all back up. I am trying to find some solution to help balance. If I don't pump I can't latch DS on that side but if I do pump I am just demanding more. Any thoughts? Thanks! 

LilMomma83's Avatar LilMomma83 06:27 PM 07-27-2012

I had very similar issues when tandem nursing my boys...I found out later (2 years later) that my little one had a pretty severe tongue tie - I just had not known what to look for at the time. Eventually my milk dried up and he started refusing the breast all the time and I gave up. My youngest also has a tongue tie, which I got diagnosed and revised and she has had craniosacral therapy and she is enjoying the breast so much better, clicking so much less..still gagging some, but, I think that is also because she is sucking so much better now! I expect with a little more time that will resolve also. If you want to learn more about tongue tie there is a great facebook group called "Tongue Tie Babies Support Group" also I would be happy to answer any questions and further share my experience. :-)