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Hi all - I am a mother of a 7 month old and I am toying with the idea of relactation.  I am not really so much worried about him latching on, I would be totally okay with exclusively pumping just to be able to provide him with milk vs. formula. I had an incredibly long and awful labor, a bacterial infection and a not so great experience with a lactation consultant. I was so overwhelmed with everything - I just simply gave up breastfeeding. I could not increase my supply with supplements or pumping every 2 hours and on top of the baby blues - it was just all too much!

Any tips for relactation? I'm going to purchase a pump, fenugreek & milk thistle to get started and just start pumping every 2-3 hours to see what I can get. Please tell me I'm not crazy for attempting this after 6 months of not breastfeeding!

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I don't think its crazy at all! I think it's great that you want to relactate. I think though that the poor response before might have been due to the pump. When I was breastfeeding my daughter I could hardly get anything via the pump. Are you interested in him latching on? There are SNS systems that would allow him to suckle on you to stimulate milk production. What kind of pump are you looking into getting?

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I have a medela pump & style. It actually worked great!

The only reason that I am even considering this is because the other day in the shower I noticed that I was still producing some milk - I was ecstatic b/c it was the first time I've seen ANY since I stopped breastfeeding. It gave me a small hope. If I am able to give him an ounce of breast milk, it would be better than none, in my opinion.

I tried getting him to latch on yesterday and he looked at me like I was CRAZY! haha I think because I went through so much turmoil in the beginning months - and suffered a big case of the baby blues - I just want to focus on getting him milk, rather than having him latch on. It overwhelms me to think about both right now, but maybe I'll feel differently if I am able to get a milk supply initiated just using the pump at first.

I appreciate any and all feedback, because I have never met anyone that has attempted this and I really want to make it work for my baby boy!

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I just wanted to wish you the best! And yes, even one ounce as you said, could  make quite a difference. Considering that one DROP of BM has over one million white blood cells, it could indeed be wonderul, not to mention the brain development from merely sucking at the breast (and of course the bonding). All the best to you. One thing that helped my son latch on was motion. Try either jiggling him as you hold him or swaying, slow dancing, perhaps a sling or carrier even as you walk about the house. All the best to you.

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Ahhh, it's a lot to type so I'm going to give you my blog, i talked all about our journey! I don't really use it anymore, would love to but my toddler won't let me.

I'll just say, relactating was the best decision, and hardest I ever made.

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Our Breastfeeding Journey @
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How was the relactation attempt?

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I'm in the process of attempting this myself with my 3 mo!  I was told do lots of babywearing (to get him used to being in that specific position and near my breasts), Mommy's Milk Tea helps - it's sold at Target for $4 - 3-4 cups a day, and pump.  Put baby to breast as often as you feed him.  


Another piece of advice I got was whenever baby seems to want to comfort suck (wants a pacifier, ect) put him to breast.  It can help too.


Any other advice would be much appreciated!

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It is totally possible!
#1 Get an sns. To get my baby interested I used a small amount of sugar water in the tip of the sns. Then filled the rest with rice milk. (Put what ever you are giving your baby now in it) I preferred to do this in the bathtub in warm water where we were both comfortable.
#2 a really good pump. Pump every 2 hours on both sides and at least 2x during the night.
3) any herbal supplements are good, also oatmeal and beer.
4. There is a perscription called donperidon (sp?) it depends on where you live, but I had to have mine compounded by a pharmacy and insurance didn't cover it. I took it for 2 months till my supply was completely back.
Good luck! It's a lot of work to get it going again, but really worth it!
There are resources online for adoptive parents breastfeeding. Those sites were really helpful
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