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Alexx Stehman's Avatar Alexx Stehman 05:08 AM 09-19-2012

My 4WO DS was literally on the boob from 1:30 to 7:30 yesterday before taking a 90 minute break to go back to it.  Is this hyperfrequency (usually on every 2 hours) a sign of a growth spurt plus low milk supply? We've been supplementing because it seems my supply has never been enough, going sometimes 5 hours on.  I'm flat-chested, and I fear lack of glandular tissue is to blame.

Asiago's Avatar Asiago 07:01 PM 09-19-2012

It seems quite normal to me. The first 3-4 months milk supply is still being established and that largely depends upon how often baby nurses. In societies where infants are not restricted from nursing, they feed every 20 minutes on average. 


See left side of link page regarding wet dipes and weight gain first six weeks


Also become familiar with symptoms of tongue tie in case baby is actually not transferring sufficiently.


Oh and congrats on the birth of your little one!

AmandaT's Avatar AmandaT 07:56 PM 09-19-2012

How is his diaper output? If he's having plenty of wets/poops he's getting enough milk. At 4 weeks he's still trying to establish milk supply, so lots of nursing is great because it will make sure he has enough milk for his needs. You said he was nursing for six hours straight, did he sleep at all during that time? That's a long time for a newborn to be awake.