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Hi All,


I am new to the forums here on mothering but I am in major need of any kind of guidance, advice, and support that I can find eith regards to breastfeeding + dealing with food intolerances/allergies. All words of encouragement to keep going with breastfeeding and definitely any stories of similar situations will be so welcomed and appreciated!


My baby is now almost 3 months old and 6 weeks ago, we started finding a lot of blood in his poop (globs and globs along with obvious pain and discomfort in his belly) + were led down the road of trying to navigate what he might be allergic to in my diet as I am exclusively breastfeeding. I started an elimination diet of almost all of the most common culprits so that we might find the culprit(s) faster -- no dairy, soy, eggs, nuts, or shellfish. I am a vegetarian who eats the occasional fish so I was mainly still eating fish (salmon + tuna), rice, wheat, corn,greens, black beans, pasta, vegetables, + fruits during that time of eliminating a whole heck of a lot. His poop got better, instead of globs of blood it became the occasional specks or streak + sometimes his poop would be stringy/mucousy/occasioal green curds. Even though the blood had improved though, his poop had not been totally normal by any means and everywhere I read that the stringy + mucousy does indicate allergy. I decided because I was suddenly eating so much fish + after a glob of blood incident after sushi (no soy sauce) that maybe that all fish was no good either so I cut it. Down to wheat + corn as the only common culprit non-eliminated. Still not totally normal poop but no globs of blood.


He has been gaining weight very well, in fact quite rapidly. My ped just keeps saying that as long as that continues, not to worry but of course I can't help but to worry. My lo only seems to be in pain/fussy when the globs of blood are around so at least he seems comfortable and happy these days but does that mean I just don't worry about the stringy poop for the next few months? How do I know that mucousy/stringy poop is not hurting him?


I am feeling like I am running out of things I CAN eat and because I don't feel comfortable re-introducing foods since his poop still hasn't gone back to normal so when then I am wondering. I want to continue breastfeeding but I don't feel like my best self at all since I've begun eating so sparingly. I do feel like I can continue to put my cheese addiction on the shelf for awhile but where does the list end of things I have to give up? Should I just continue with the elimination diet that has taken away the blood and just stop over-thinking the rest?


I want to also mention that I've also had oversupply + forceful let-down issues since the beginning but they don't really plague us much anymore since I strictly block feed + my lo has become more used to it all (and for the most part he greatly enjoys his nursing sessions). But I keep thinking that maybe those issues could be contributing to the stringy poop rather than a new allergy to discover. I do not feel that this is likely intuitively but who knows.


Thanks in advance to anyone reading and willing to help!

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hug2.gifI'm sending support to you! I imagine you'll hear from other breastfeeding mamas who have experience with this soon. And you might also want to cross-post in the Allergies forum to get the perspective from mamas there too. I'll be thinking of you and your baby.

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I feel your pain! My baby didn't have the poop issue yours has, her issue was allergies that caused congestion and she was a gassy newborn. I had to cut out dairy, soy, all acidic foods (citrus, tomato), and all foods that made me gassy made her really uncomfortable (beans, cauliflower, broccoli, eggs...). I felt like all my favorite foods were taken away and mealtime, which was always enjoyable for me, suddenly became a chore. Eating was so boring but I didn't want to hurt my baby.

Avacado became my best friend. Seasoning, especially garlic, broke the monotony. Hang in there! This will not last for forever! I would try to reintroduce tiny amounts of my favorite foods each month starting when my baby was four months old. Found out she wasn't ready for anything at four months, but when she was five months I could eat an occasional slice of fresh tomato and a few bites of egg and it didn't bother her at all. By the time she was six months old, I could eat small amounts of everything except tomato sauce...she would get a diaper rash. By 7 months, we were good to go. We breastfed exclusively for 6 months before introducing food...her first food was avacado!

She's 13 months old and we enjoy a wonderful breastfeeding relationship! She eats solids like a champ and likes things best with seasoning, especially garlic. All the sacrifice was worth it! Make the foods you can eat flavorful so that you can enjoy them now and at the same time develop your babies tastebuds to enjoy a varity of flavors. You're nearly there!

Oh, and another nice thing. The food that I had to avoid for six months never tasted so good as when I knew they were finally safe to eat again. Hang in there! You can do it...I know how hard it is, but I wouldn't have done it any other way, and I'm sure when this stage is finally over that you will feel the same way. You are doing an amazing thing for your child, it's a beautiful gift. I'm rooting for you!
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I am pretty sure I  wrote this post a year ago. Mine also had the globs of blood. I eventually realized that his little area down the was really sensitive and wiping and pooping would make it bleed. Literally his doctor took a light and we looked at his bottom for 5 minutes to show me where it was bleeding. The green never went away. In fact it just now did now that he started solids. He is allergic to rice though we found out through him throwing up for 10 hours every time he eats it. I always wonder if that was what caused his green poop but I will never know.


Once he started eating solid his poop was what everyone would describe as breast milk poop, Yellow seedy and so on. He now eats a lot of solids and has pretty normal poop all of the time.


I know that stress and elimination digests didn't really work for us and change was minimal and usually a short lived coincidence. good luck mama. I know all about the green poop blues.

He is good now and doesn't seem to have issues.

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hi. I know just how you feel. stay strong you can do this! my first son was allergic/ intolerant to what seemed like everything, but he was also gaining weight 98% so our ped said he didn't think they're was such a thing as intolerance and he was just colicy... yeah right but that's another story. I went on an extreme elimination diet and we had allergy tests and stool tests and I researched and read all that I could. we finally narrowed it down after a year of testing different foods, but something no one told me until I read it over a year later was that once the stomach lining is permeable because of the guts intolerance to whatever soy dairy etc other food particles can get through and also cause the allergic reaction, but they are not true allergies/ intolerances.... When we found out our main problem was soy and cut that out slowly his gut started to heal and we could add in other things that had previously caused his problems. his poop didn't get normal for quite a while because it took his gut a long time to heal. probiotics help a lot to propagate those good bacteria. a good book to read is GAPS - gut and psychological syndrome is a little extreme so take it for what it's worth but it helped us a lot. Hope this helps, oh and coconut oil saved me.. you can use it to replace butter in almost all recipes and namaste has a great line of gluten free flora that don't have other possible allergens in it.
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