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I'm going to skip over the details, but basically, we found out, this week, that DS (he'll be 4 weeks on Sunday) has a type III posterior tongue tie and a class IV lip tie.  My supply was very good at first, which had allowed him to regain his birth weight by 11 days, but because of his bad suction (his latch looks fine from the outside) he was not able to get enough milk for his needs nor to stimulate my breast enough to maintains supply.  So over the course of the last 2 weeks, his weight has dropped by almost a full pound and my supply has dwindled to not much. 


He is therefore supplementing with formula right now in order to bring his weight up ASAP, and I am pumping to get my supply back up.  I'm also taking fenugreek and blessed thistle.  So far, in the last 36 hours or so, I've gone from pumping 50mL per session to about 70-80mL, so my supply does seem like it's going up,, though it is not what it should be.


DS is getting a frenectomy for his lip and tonge on wednesday.  The good news is that he is still very much interesting in latching at the breast but gets really upset because nothing comes out.


My midwife commented that my attitude is excellent and that I'm doing all the right things but it's a bit of a front.  Last night I had a complete meltdown over the "what-if he can never breastfeed again" scenario.  I nursed my DD until she was 28 months and it is so, so important for my to have that with my son also.  I hate bottle feeding, even when it's my own milk.


Anyway, I realised now what I need is some encouragment from mama's who've had somewhat similar experience.  Can I re-establich supply at this point?  Can we go back to a normal exclusive bf relationship?  Can my supply go back to be abundant enough to feed him?   Can he really "relearn" to nurse after getting his lip and tongue clipped at one month?  


I just want to hear your success stories!  Thank you!!!

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I can't speak to the tongue/lip tie but DD had a nursing aversion at birth (due mostly to my inexperience and anxiety as a FTM) and I EPd for her for 10 weeks. My supply seriously suffered but I took domperidone temporarily to help boost it back up. Long story short, as she learned to latch and nurse effectively around 3 months, my supply recovered and I could ease off the dom without any issues. Very quickly I was able to EBF her with a plentiful supply and it was like those rough weeks never happened. I'd keep him on the breast as much as possible, maybe look into a SNS for his supplements to avoid bottle preference and pump as much as humanly possible around the clock. Look into domperidone too but depending on where you live, it may not be readily accessible. Do your best to rebound your supply and hopefully after the release you two will quickly reestablish nursing. hug.gif I know how hard it is to have your child crying at the breast. He's so young though, with good support I think your chances are really good to get back to EBF.
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Lots of very good sport and info on the Tongue Tie Babies Support group on facebook. You might consider bodywork before and after to help realign the soft tissues so he can transfer better, and have a good IBCLC resource available in case suck training appears to be needed but in most cases EBF is totally possible after revision. You already have a supply and a baby who can latch so you are mostly there.

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We did both via laser a few weeks back.  Don't worry, it'll all work out!  I wished I had used the SNS to get my supply up bc my baby definitely likes the flow of the bottle.  We switched to the Medela Calma which was totally worth the money, too.

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You totally can come back from this! It's very early! My ds (my 6th baby) had an awful latch--I held him on the breast basically--but I was an experienced bf'er and thought oh well it would get better. He gained well, but never nursed for more than 3-5 mins at a time and while it looked right from the outside, it just really didn't feel right and he 'bit' from the get-go which I'd never had before. But, I figured I'd power through it.. When he was 4.5 mos and got his two bottom teeth...I realized suddenly that something was awfully wrong. EVERY feeding was excruciating pain for me. Quickly realized he had a very severe tongue tie and lip tie. The first LC told me that if he had gained weight to this point, all was fine. Second, referred me to a ped who clip 'just for a mother's comfort' implying that it wouldn't help ds at all! I was soooo glad I had it done! I should have realized something sooner.  He'd never ever comfort nursed a day in his life, because he couldn't hold his latch very long without getting tired. My abundant supply and experience had kept us going until those teeth came in. 


I nursed ds immediately after the clip and felt a difference with just that.  I didn't have access to anyone willing to do a full revision and he still has a lesser grade tie. Use an SNS is you need to supplement and keep him at the breast 100% if possible. Put yourself to bed with the baby for a few days and just rest and nurse a lot. He should come right back to nursing and your supply should respond quickly this early. 

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My baby was diagnosed with tongue tie and promptly clipped at 3 weeks.  My once robust supply dwindled dramatically between week 2-3.  My baby is now 7 months old - and I am still supplementing.  About 85-90% of his diet is breast milk, but he still needs formula about every other day (I work, so I pump).  When I get sick or do not get enough sleep, my supply is worse.  I eat breastfeeding cookies, take 2 different tincture, and take GoLacta.  For two months I pumped after every single feed.  Then I made peace with my supply.  My baby is not exclusively breastfed, and that is hard.  But, we are both doing the best we can, and I am so grateful for the amount of milk I do make.  I am proud of myself that I did not say "screw it - I can't exclusively breastfeed so it's going to be all formula all the time."  So, while my supply never fully returned, baby and I are still in a good place.  Breastfeeding relationships are complicated, but I am glad that ours has continued.  It's a different type of success story - I am still nursing.

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