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twilight13 08-18-2013 09:10 AM

Keeping my supply up has been a full time job since my son was born four and a half months ago. He recently went through a growth spurt and didn't seem satisfied after nursing. I decided to start taking goat's rue tincture and fenugreek supplements to help.


Fenugreek really works for me. My body starts making LOTS more milk and my baby has seemed very satisfied. It also unfortunately gives me really bad diarrhea, which I read is a symptom that happens for some women. It actually seems to give my son looser stools as well (although that's hard to really track since all of his poops are orange and liquid like - when I take fenugreek there seems to be more liquid than solids). 


I've been drinking lots of water, nettle tea, recharge, marshmallow root infused water. I've been making sure to eat all the time and taking goat's rue. I'm making sure to massage my breasts as he's nursing and also that he is emptying them.

Nothing seems to work quite as well as fenugreek. 


I am allergic to peanuts and I just read that fenugreek is in the same family. Maybe that explains some of why this happens to me. 


Does anyone have an other herbal suggestions? 

LLQ1011 08-19-2013 12:05 PM

How do you know your supply is low? Everything you described sounds pretty normal. I would contact a lactation consultant for advice.

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