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My 10 mo baby girl is happy, chubby, and loves solid food.  She wants me every few hours still, which is helping my milk supply I think.  But she only goes like a few minutes, then bites and wails like she wants solid food.  So I give her that and all is well until the next feeding time.  I love her to bits but today she got a bottle twice because I am just flat out tired of the biting part.


 She is teething for the first time this week and its clearly painful for her and probably part of the biting instinct.  She will nurse normally maybe twice aday, three times yesterday (which was before I caved on the bottle part, she just seemed to need something and I wasn't up for a third ouch session).  


I know some bf is better than none but I am ready to quit her old turkey during the day.  Is there a less painful way to do it?  Is the biting telling me something? Ideas?  Help please.

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She may be fussy during feedings because her gums are sore from the teething, making you believe she wants something else, and then  she goes and chomps on you. My 10 month old son has learned to stop biting by me simply exclaiming "ouch" when he bites and immediately ending the feeding. It took time and persistence for him to learn he can not use me as a teether. It is very, very uncommon for a baby to wean him/herself. Breastfeeding is more than just eating for them, so much more. So you may feel ready to quit and you might believe your baby is ready too. Do whatever feels right to you. 

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