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Low supply at night, clogs and low sleep - HELP!!!

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Having a hard time, my 10 month old son has gotten used to breastfeeding to go to sleep, both for naps and at night. I'm fine with that, but at times it gets to be too hard. Lately he's teething, and to go to sleep at night he relies on his feeding time. But with little rest for me both day and night, my milk is having a hard time flowing for him and he gets frustrated and I get stressed out with further  restricts the milk flow. ARRGGGHH!! I'm trying to relax and be calm for him but it brings me to tears when all he needs is the comforts of a good feeding to fall  gently asleep and he tries and tries and it just won't come for him. I go back and forth between walking him, rocking, distracting him, anything to help him calm down. And he refuses teethers at this time. 


Daytime is tricky, he will nurse and fall asleep, and wither wake right away when I put him down or will sleep for maybe 10 minutes or so then wake and want to feed again to go back to sleep. Then sometimes he just stays wide awake, so I am not getting a chance to nap much in the daytime. And he wakes several time each night and feeds to go back to sleep. I'm pretty worn out and just sad that my milk is lacking for him. :(


I've also been dealing with breast milk clogs many times since he was born, that in itself has been super stressful and painful! Tonight the left breast was hurting and wasn't producing the milk he needed, the right seemed to be doing okay but he usually falls asleep on the left and that's the easiest side for me to lay him in the crib from once asleep. 


How can I boost my milk supply when I'm tired and don't have time to rest?

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Hi jmercado and welcome to Mothering!


Just thought I'd share a few articles we have on Mothering.com that might be of help:


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Here are a few of our past popular discussions on this topic:


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Hope this helps. Please let us hear from you and let us know how it's going. :love

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Just wanted to let you know you are not alone. smile.gif
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awww, thanks!! Sometimes that's all you need to hear. ;o)

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this is so great, thank you for the time and suggestion of resources!!! I really appreciate that. It's going a bit better, still rough sometimes getting him to sleep. BUT, I've found now that he's getting older and nursing a little less....what I do is feed him a good solid food meal for dinner, then wind down the day, get ready for bed, then have one good feeding before sleep. Usually works a bit better, I used to breastfeed right or soon after dinner then again to sleep, drained me out and my supply.


Our little guy, now 1, is still waking a few times a night but seems to be on the right track to doing better than before. So many things I think wake him too, teething (seems nonstop for him), he sits up in his crib while sleeping which wakes him, etc....


Again I sooo appreciate the help. And the best thing I've found is to lessen my stress and worry.....I get so caught up in that it prevents the milk from flowing. :O)

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